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Meet our Alumni!


Carsey's alumni come from all different backgrounds and from all over the world. One thing's for certain though – they all go on to become leading Changemakers within their respective industries and organizations.

Below, you’ll find some information about the #CarseyAlumni and have a chance to explore the backgrounds and current roles of members of this unique, devoted, and experienced school.

View alumni by degree program below.

With Alum Tara Griffin '19G (MPP)
"Take full advantage of all the opportunities that Carsey offers! The faculty is second to none and have unbelievable experience. Listen to their stories and learn from their lessons."       ~(MPP) Alum Tara Griffin '19G
With Alum Justin Klingler '18, '19G (MPP)
In summer 2018, Justin Klingler '18 '19G spent nine weeks interning at the Community Development Finance Authority connecting his classroom lessons to real world applications. As an accelerated master’s in public policy major, Klingler completed...
With Alum Carina DeBarcelos '19G (MPP)
Carina DeBarcelos '19G made the most of her graduate student experience at UNH, and her almost two years on campus ended with one more achievement: The Distinguished Wildcat Award, which she received from the Graduate Student Senate...
With Alum Sarah Nadeau '19 '20G (MPP)
"Be eager to learn and discover what issue areas you are passionate about. Say "Yes!" to every opportunity – you never know where it'll take you."       ~ (MPP) Alum Sarah Nadeau '19 '20G
With Alum Julia Vieira '19G (MPP)
"Carsey can offer students a very welcoming environment, in which professors and staff truly care about students, their interests, and their development."        ~(MPP) Alum Julia Vieira '19G
With Alum Sarah Wrightsman '15, '17G (MPP)
Congratulations to Master in Public Policy graduate Sarah Wrightsman '15, '17G, who was named to the New Hampshire Union Leader's 40 Under Forty list for 2020.
With Alum Hannah MacBride '07, '13G (MCD) & Marisa Rafal '19, '20G (MPP)
The annual NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge serves as an important platform for UNH System students and alumni, as well as New Hampshire residents, to promote their business and nonprofit ideas to some of the leading...
With Alum Jiedine Phanbuh '19G (MPP)
The Carsey School of Public Policy’s Washington, D.C., colloquium program inspired master in public policy degree student Jiedine Phanbuh '...
With Alumni Joe Alexander '20G (MPP) and Willis Griffith '19G (MPP)
Lots of students have to juggle their class schedules with other commitments: jobs, internships, sports. For Carsey School of Public Policy alumni Joe Alexander and Willis Griffith, that balancing act included serving as newly elected representatives in the N.H....
With Alum Sarah Wrightsman '15, '17G (MPP)
Master in Public Policy graduate Sarah Wrightsman '15, '17G could be described as someone with a growth mindset. As a community garden project coordinator for at-risk youth in Somersworth, N.H., she discovered the positive impact she could have in...
With Alum Adam Strong '19G (MPP)
Growing up in Kentucky, Adam Strong '19G noticed that there were not enough social and economic supports for young people in rural communities. He set out to change this by pursuing a Master in Public Policy from the Carsey School while working...
With Alum Marisa Rafal '19, '20G (MPP)
Marisa Rafal '19, '20G, a graduate of the Master in Public Policy program at Carsey, has a passion for play. While working toward her Bachelor of Science in human development and family studies at the University of New Hampshire, she wrote a paper on toy libraries – lending libraries located around...
With Alum Jean Damascene Hakuzimana '20G (MCD)
"I am in my second year and I am looking forward to learning more together with this incredible team!"       ~(MCD) Alum Jean Damascene Hakuzimana '20G — Concord, NH
With Alumni Jessica Amato '19G (MCD) & Parker LaRock '15, '20G (MCD)
"If you told me 5 years ago that I would be making a positive impact on UNH and implementing change that would last, I wouldn’t have believed it…this program really does help empower you to make real positive change."       ~(MCD) Alum Parker LaRock, '15, '20G
With Alum Hayley Collins '14G (MCD)
"The master’s program provides an incredible opportunity to focus academic efforts on a topic that engages the student and supports direct benefits to the community."       ~(MCD) Alum Hayley Collins '14G
With Alum Charlene Higgins '14, '18G (MCD)
While crops are grown, community and collaboration roots are developed for new Americans at the New American Farmers Cooperative in Manchester, N.H. Charlene Higgins '14, '18G helped this...
With Parker LaRock '20G
"Through this program and the support of my peers and professors, I was able to design, create and implement a community development project based on my passion for mental health."       ~(MCD) Alum Parker LaRock '20G
With Alum Ali Sekou '19G (MCD)
Carsey School of Public Policy alumni Ali Sekou '19G – a graduate of the Master in Community Development program – was recently named to the New Hampshire Union Leader's 40 Under Forty list. An immigrant of Niger, Sekou lives and works in Concord, New Hampshire.
With Alum Andreanecia Morris '20G (MCD)
"At Carsey, you'll be exposed to new ideas and new ways of doing things. You should take it all in, evaluate it, and keep the things that help you achieve your personal and professional goals."       ~ (MCD) Alum Andreanecia Morris '20G
With Alum Nisha Grimes '16G (MCD)
Nisha Grimes '16G earned her Master in Community Development after serving as a Rural Community Development Worker with the Peace Corps. Prior to her Peace Corps service, she worked for ...
With Alum Safiya Adamu '15 (MCD)
Safiya Adamu knew that pursuing a masters degree would be a scary and tough endeavor however, she knew it was something she needed to do! She was excited to meet classmates from variety backgrounds and embrace their differences. Through the...
With Alum Andres Mejia '14, '18G (MCD)
"The MCD has students coming from different parts of the world joining this program…and when you experience differences you become more open and you accept more people." ~ Andres Mejia '14, '18G
With Alum Tyler Mac Innis '12G (MCD)
"What this program does best is it prepares students to be able to recognize where problems actually exist." ~(MCD) alumni Tyler Mac Innis '12G
With Alum Hannah MacBride '07, '13G (MCD) & Marisa Rafal '19, '20G (MPP)
The annual NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge serves as an important platform for UNH System students and alumni, as well as New Hampshire residents, to promote their business and nonprofit ideas to some of the leading...
With Alum Lexie Kirade '20G (MPA & MCD)
Lexie Kirade discovered her passion for nonprofit work while at Stonehill College. Now she’s taking her education and career to the next level with dual degrees in Master of Public Administration and...
With Alum James Vayo '19G (MCD)
Having worked in community development for over a decade, James Vayo was looking to take a step forward in his career, so he enrolled in the Carsey School of Public Policy’s Master in Community Development program.
With Alum Megan Brabec '19G (MPA)
"The program allowed me to meet people doing great work around the state, and it helped me build up tangible skills that allow me to serve my community more effectively and efficiently."       ~(MPA) Alum Megan Brabec '19G
With Alum Brittany Weaver Matthews '10, '15G (MPA)
Brittany Weaver Matthews '10, '15G earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the Carsey School of Public...
With Alum Sarah Dorner '14G (MPA)
Sarah Dorner '14G currently serves as the Associate Director of Admissions and International Outreach for the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law. She knew when she completed her undergraduate degree that she wanted to pursue a...
With Alum Catherine Naczas '92G (MPA)
"After building a good foundation of experience – some 6 years in assisted/subsidized housing – I knew that getting my MPA was the next step in furthering my career. The MPA program put me in contention for the executive director position with the Laconia Housing Authority."       ~(MPA) Alum...
With Alum Brent Lemire '04G (MPA)
"The interaction with other student professionals was invaluable. I was older and had been in government for over 30 years and was able to offer a different perspective. After I retired from my first job, I went on to utilize my MPA as a Town Administrator for Northwood, NH, for four years."     ~(...
With Alum Kathryn Mone '07G (MPA)
Congratulations to Kathryn Mone '07G, who was recently named to the Union Leader's 40 Under Forty list for 2020. An MPA graduate, Mone heads the North Hampton Police Department as Police Chief.
With Alum Katharine Labrecque '19G (MPA)
Practical knowledge and applied learning is at the core of the Carsey School's Master of Public Administration program. Katharine Labrecque '19G gained both through a ...
With Alum Matt Wilhelm '16G (MPA)
Matt Wilhelm '16G was considering ways he might be able to take the next step in his career. With a young family and a full-time job, pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree at the Carsey School posed a time management...

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