Skills to Succeed

With Accelerated MPP Alum Meriah Metzger
MPP Student Meriah Metzgr

"Having the experiences associated with the Accelerated Masters in Public Policy program has been really helpful in learning more about what I am interested in and how to best apply my skillset. "

      ~(Accelerated MPP) Alum Meriah Metzger  Shelburne, VT

Education: I have a degree in Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership from the University of New Hampshire–Manchester. Throughout my undergrad I focused on studying social welfare issues from political and sociological perspectives.
Goals: My goal is to use the skills I learn through the Carsey School to conduct social welfare policy analysis, which is fairly broad, but I hope to narrow down in my time here.
Why did you decide to purse the Accelerated Masters in Public Policy program? I really started to think about what life would look like after completing my undergraduate degree around sophomore year. My advisor brought the accelerated MPP program to my attention and it immediately struck me as interesting. A big part of it was cost. Knowing that I would be able to save money by doubling up my senior year course with grad school courses was a really big incentive to me. Not only would this save me money in the long run but also time.