Concentrations & Tools

Concentrations & Tools
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From the dedicated work of our research centers come a number of invaluable tools designed to help you use our research in your community. From exploring the federal budget to assessing civic health, discover our work below.

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Community, Environment, and Climate Change

Building a sustainable future for our communities requires addressing complex issues complicated by globalization, demography, climate change, and more. The Carsey School seeks to face these issues through building knowledge and awareness to develop and sustain actionable initiatives.

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Covid-19 Impact

In the midst of the pandemic, the carsey School focused its efforts on understanding the COVID-19 and in engaging with local communities and residents to support them throught the crisis. These efforts took form in briefs, publications, and virtual discussions.


New Hampshire

With a home at the Univeristy of New Hampshire, the Carsey School is proud to be in the New Hampshire community. Our active relationships with organizations across the state allow us to provide programs and research that build knowledge for a sustainable future across the state.


Research Webinars

The Carsey School provides a wide breath of research initiatives in various fields from vulnerable populations to sustainable development and more. In addition to briefs and publications, this research is presented through online webinars and interviews, providing the opportunitie to meet and discuss with the researchers first-hand.


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Civic Health Index

Civic health refers to ways that community members engage in activities to solve public issues. The 2020 New Hampshire Civic Health Index (NHCHI) takes stock of the civic well-being of the state of New Hampshire in light of the changes the state has faced in recent years.

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Civic Health Guide

If we understand the civic health of a community, we can reduce polarization and encourage trust, resiliency, and connection. We have created a guide that gives communities different tools and resources to help assess local civic health and strengthen it.

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FedGovSpend Explorer

Rooted in public policy, the Carsey School a number of public issues with unbiased and rigorous research. Everyone pays taxes but few of us know where those dollars go. The Carsey School has made that data accessible to you. Using date from the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office, the FedGovSpendTM app and webpage outlines federal spending with explanations and comparisons.


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