Equity and Mobility

With MPP Alum Kacie Snyder
Carsey School MPP Student Kacie Snyder

"My experience as an MPP student has given me hope that a brighter future is possible, so long as we approach policy issues with tact and empathy. I've gained exposure to varying worldviews of policy experts, students, and professors, which has shaped my understanding of the world at large. I'm inspired to leverage my degree in ways that champion transformative justice — specifically, in the realms of housing, economic and racial justice. Wherever I land — whether at a think-tank, non-profit or local office — is all part of the journey!"

      ~(MPP) Alum Kacie Snyder Wolfeboro, NH

Position: Student
Education: Bachelor of Science in Social Work '21; Bachelor of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies '21
Why Carsey? I am committed to working in a field that promotes equity and mobility for marginalized populations, and hope to become fluent in advocating for equitable resource distribution and policy priorities. The Carsey School’s Master of Public Policy program would allow me to add crucial tools to my toolbox necessary in the search for an equitable tomorrow for those left in the dark.