Student Experience

Student Experience

The student experience at Carsey is characterized by an engaging and experiential learning environment. We offer a diverse range of academic programs and research opportunities, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where students can explore their interests and develop valuable skills. Our committment to learning ensure that students get to apply their knowledge through internships, fellowships, partnerships, capstone projects and fieldwork with governmental and non-profit organizations. We aim to empower our students to become change-makers and leaders in the field, providing them with a rewarding educational journey. 

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Washington, D.C., Colloquium

The Washington, D.C., Colloquium offers an exceptional opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the heart of American policymaking. This unique program provides an intensive and experiential learning experience by bringing students to engage with policymakers, practitioners, and experts in various fields.

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Carsey Fellowships

Carsey provides a range of fellowship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, enabling them to actively participate in impactful and rewarding endeavors within their communities or within organizations aligned with their interests. These fellowships offer financial support in the form of stipends, which vary in value from $1,000 to $6,5000 based on the number of hours committed. 

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MCD Capstone Projects

As a pillar of our Master in Community Development (MCD) program, students undertake a comprehensive four-term capstone project that serves as the pinnacle of their studies. Throughout four semesters, students engage in a sequence of project courses focused on design, implementation, management, and monitoring/evaluation, all while working on their community project. 

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MPA Capstone Projects

A vital component of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is the capstone project that allows students a platform to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical experience by enabling them to apply their acquired insights to real-world scenarios. This experience is designed to provide students with an invaluable opportunity to leverage the knowledge and skills honed in the program.

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The Carsey Community

The Carsey School of Public Policy is more than a leading and nationally recognized policy education and research center – it’s a community of dedicated researchers and policy practitioners, of proven educators, of dedicated staff, and of change-making students and alumni. You’ll find members of the Carsey community working in all aspects of public administration and policy and community development and you’ll find them all over the world.

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The Online Experience

Geared to the needs of today's students, Carsey's online programs offer easy access and flexibility. Small classes and high-touch communication make Carsey an excellent option for working professionals. UNH Online's dedicated team of Student Success Coaches provides support from the first touchpoint through graduation.


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