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5 Reasons to Sign up for a Newsletter
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In addition to publishing its flagship monthly newsletter, Last Month/Next Month, the Carsey School produces a variety of weekly and monthly e-newsletters designed to keep you informed on activity and events occurring at the school and on leading-edge policy research and public service education. Here are just five reasons you should subscribe to a Carsey e-newsletter today:

  To get leading local and national policy-focused news and research delivered directly to your inbox.

The Carsey School is a foremost think tank when it comes to research and analysis of policy issues concerning state and national demographic trends, matters affecting vulnerable families, politics and elections, rural and environmental issues, and much more. By subscribing to our Research briefs (we give you the option of getting all of them, or just the topics you’d prefer), you’ll be tuned in to vanguard research and how it informs and influences policy decisions. Additionally, we like to share how our research and experts encourage dialogue, shape narratives, and impact policy from the local to the global levels.

  To learn about policy talks from renowned, influential, and insightful authors, educators, lawmakers, researchers, and public servants.

Each year, the Carsey School invites numerous policy experts to speak on issues that matter most to them and to students and community members. In the past, these speakers have run the gamut from John Kasich and Lawrence Lessig to Deval Patrick and Tulsi Gabbard. In addition to focusing on national issues, Carsey encourages dialogue on state topics with its monthly Coffee & Conversations talks held in Concord.

  To discover master’s degrees available from a top public service education institute and hear from Carsey School alumni and students.

Not only does Carsey research cutting-edge policy, it teaches it. Through its three programs – Master in Public Policy, Master of Public Administration, and Master in Community Development – the school prepares tomorrow’s thinkers, educators, analysts, and leaders. While each program maintains a unique focus, each also teaches the principles of management, communication, and policymaking through a combination of coursework and experiential learning, in the form of internships, capstone projects, and more. Sign up for our Events and/or Last Month/Next Month subscriptions to hear about upcoming webinars and in-person recruitment activities and read articles on the achievements of our students and graduates.

  To stay tuned to the work of New Hampshire Listens and the Center for Impact Finance.

Under the Carsey School umbrella exists two unique education and outreach centers:

New Hampshire Listens is the state’s foremost civic engagement group. It organizes facilitator trainings and workshops open to the public, runs community engagement discussions and events, and keeps its finger on the pulse of the issues that New Hampshire residents face day in and day out.

The Center for Impact Finance focuses on initiatives that provide capital to low-income communities with the aim of increasing income equality and serving those who invest in affordable housing, small and minority businesses, community facilities, and other community developments.

  To learn about the people working behind the scenes at one of the nation’s leading policy centers located at one of the world’s leading research universities.

The Carsey School benefits greatly from its connection to the University of New Hampshire and the resources that come from a top-tier research and innovation center. It draws upon the policy research of academics from across the university – from the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Health and Human Services, as well as an array of private and public agencies outside of the University System of New Hampshire. When you subscribe to one of our e-newsletters, you’ll learn just how far the Carsey School network spans through its alumni located across the world, its partnerships with organizations operating at the highest levels of policy discourse, and its students who may be working and interning at outreach and education centers within your own community.

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