2023 Washington, D.C., Colloquium Highlights




MPP students with Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute.

On day one of the Washington, D.C., Colloquium MPP students got right to work, starting the day with Chris Edwards at the Cato Institute. From there, they met with More Perfect Union Director, Faiz Shakir. After lunch, they met with executives from the Center for American Progress, and Sarah Miller of the American Economic Liberties Project. They ended the evening with a Carsey sponsored dinner.




MPP students with Guy Molyneux from Hart Research.
MPP students with Guy Molyneux from Hart Research.

Tuesday was a busy day for our public policy students, starting the morning at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Panel with Kris Cox. From there they headed to Hart Research to meet with Guy Molyneux, before having lunch with UNH alum, David Dixon of Dixon Davis Media Group. The cohort ended the day connecting with Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm; Director of Data for AFSCME, Seth Johnson; and Brian McCabe '91 of the DCI Group.



MPP students with Rich Ashooh '86 from Lam Research Corporation.
MPP students with Rich Ashooh '86 from Lam Research Corporation.

Wednesday started with Minority (Republican) General Counsel for U.S. Senate Committe on Armed Services, Crystall Tully '05. That was followed by a meeting with Representative Annie Kuster, and lunch with another alum, Greg Nickerson '89, Founder of Washington Tax and Public Policy Group. After lunch they connected with Rich Ashooh '86 from Lam Research Corporation. The day concluded at the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts with Senior VP, John Jones.



MPP students in front of The White House.
MPP students in front of The White House.

Thursday was described as "a lifelong dream" by some students as the group had the privilege to go inside The White House. The day started with Michael Linden at the Office of Management and Budget. After lunch, they met with Aaron Chatterji, White House Coordinator for CHIPS Implementation. The final hours of the day were spent with National Security Chief of Staff, Curtis Reid; Staff Secratary, Neera Tanden; and Member of Council of Economic Advisers, Heather Boushey.

Friday 1/13/23


mpp students in dc
MPP students walking through Washington, D.C.

Friday marked the end of the Colloquium, but it was still full of learning opportunities. To start the day, students connected with Andrew Light from the Department of Energy. Following that, they made their way to the German Embassy, where they connected with Minister Counselor, Markus Teglas. For lunch they met with Ken Monahan from the National Association of Manufacturers. The trip ended with Chief Advisor at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Angela Kelley.