Just Do It!

Juliana Good '20, '21G

Current position: Lead Changemaker Coach, UNH Changemaker Collaborative
Current undergraduate degree focus: Music Performance, UNH
Carsey Degree: Master in Public Policy

"In the words of Nike: Just Do It! This is an incredibly flexible, supportive, and engaging program that will translate your plans for changing the world into tangible work."

What are some of your responsibilities in your current position?

I advise undergraduate students on experiential learning opportunities related to social innovation and consult entrants in the Social Venture Innovation Challenge.

What type of capstone project are you working on or will you work on?

For my capstone, I would like to pilot the framework I am currently working on for a social enterprise that works with small businesses and communities of disabled people to create more accessible commerce communities in New Hampshire towns and cities.

Juliana Good, 2019 Spirit Award winner

Juliana won a Volunteer Service Award at the 2019 Spirit of New Hampshire Awards.

What aspect or aspects of the MPP program have you found most valuable so far?

The academic and professional connections have been amazing. All of the Carsey faculty are incredibly well-connected, and I've gotten the opportunity to chat with some truly experienced and inspirational people. Faculty members such as Michael Swack and Dan Bromberg have been so giving of their time and insight, and I've learned as much outside of the classroom as I have in each course.

What are one or two career goals you have for yourself?

I would like to run my own social enterprise related to creating better accessibility outcomes for the disabled community. Any job where I am working towards increased equity for marginalized communities is a job that I will be glad to do!

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