Restorative Justice

With Alum Ellie Masson '22G (MPP)
MPP Student Ellie Masson

"I am excited about learning the different types of fields and careers and having the ability to learn plenty more about criminal justice issues and how we can move towards a more restorative justice system. "

      ~(MPP) Alum Ellie Masson '22G Shelburne, VT

Position: I have worked as a legal clerk for an attorney in Burlington, VT for the past two years. We manage a caseload of civil lawsuits, such as personal injury and medical malpractice, as well as federal criminal defense cases. Being such a small office, I have had the opportunity to be a part of each of these cases from beginning to end of the legal process.
Education: I went to undergrad at the University of Richmond in Virginia and majored in Political Science.
Why did you decide to purse a Masters in Public Policy? I decided to pursue this MPP after working closely with our criminal defense clients by way of attending court hearings, setting up treatment and counseling, writing legal briefs, and overall getting to know each individual. I have always had a strong interest in criminal justice ever since reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson and working directly in the criminal justice system has shown me that I would like to continue this focus in a masters degree.
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Restorative Justice with Master in Public Policy Alum Ellie Masson '22G