Leveraging Education for a Late-Career Move

Photo of Brent Lemire, MPA Graduate

Brent Lemire, '04G

Most recent position: Executive Director, New Hampshire Association of Fire Chiefs
Years working in municipal government: 30+
Carsey Degree: Master of Public Administration

"Go for it! It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career(s)."

Can you share a few sentences that describe your capstone and/or internship experience at UNH?

At the time, I was Chair of the Litchfield Budget Committee and was allowed to use the six months of budget deliberations, negotiations, and formulation as an internship. It all culminated with the presentation of the town's municipal spending recommendations for the ensuing year.

Can you describe your most valuable takeaway from your master's program?

The interaction with other student professionals was invaluable. I was older and had been in government for over 30 years and was able to offer a different perspective. After I retired from my first job, I went on to utilize my MPA as a Town Administrator for Northwood, NH, for four years.

What are one or two career goals you have for yourself?

None – I have reached all of them and have retired!

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