Carsey Faculty

Wins Prize for Teaching Simulation
"I enjoy testing my students’ ability to think critically and solve problems within a 'politically charged collaborative process.'"       ~ Carolyn Arcand
 In her decade-long tenure at UNH Manchester, Dr. Melinda Negrón-Gonzales has transformed the way students approach social and political change. The enthusiasm and experience she brought to her role as associate professor of politics & society has garnered praise from students and faculty alike...
Community and Economic Development Program Leader
"I am inspired by selfless leadership by individuals who do not covet attention, but simply want to make positive change."       ~Charlie French
"No matter where life leads you, take the time to make a positive contribution to society."       ~ Terry Knowles
"Genuine, empathetic and passionate people inspire my work."       ~Jolan Rivera
Senior Research Fellow
"I am lucky enough to work with inspirational leaders in community development every day."       ~Eric Hangen
"I love helping people and organizations become more effective in fulfilling their own vision and mission in life."       ~Paul Dann
NH Listens Director
"I am inspired by everyday heros doing great things right where they live."       ~Michele Holt-Shannon
"I will leave this world in a better place than I found it."       ~Reagan Baughman
"I strive to make the world a better place in small ways."       ~Michael Nikitas
UNH Podcats: Preparing the Next Policy Leaders
Michael Ettlinger, director of Carsey, joined UNH Social's Taylor Sievers '15 in January 2020 to share the work that Carsey does for students, NH, and our country.
MCD Director Wins Lifetime Award
"Over the whole of his career, Michael has been a critical influence on practitioners and students of community development. We honor his trailblazing accomplishments and his lasting legacy with this award."