MPA Faculty Michele Holt-Shannon

NH Listens Director
Headshot of Michele Holt-Shannon, Director of NH Listens

"I am inspired by everyday heros doing great things right where they live."

      ~Michele Holt-Shannon

What is your current research/professional interest? Civic health, social and racial equity, public engagement, civic infrastructure.
In the course(s) that you teach, what are the typical aspects of the student’s coursework you evaluate and what weighting do you give each aspect? Discussions and class participation, personal reflection, written assignments.
What drove you to teaching? A love of learning!
What or who inspires you? Everyday heros doing great things right where they live.
When you were a student, what is one thing you wish you had known? Study Abroad!!!
What advice do you have for your students? Try many things; We need you to find your purpose, bring it to the world, and be as healthy (in all ways) as possible. Uniquely you is uniquely needed.
What is the most recent book you read? Caste by Isabel Wilkerson
How do you spend your free time? Gardening, reading, and walking my dog, Pluto.
What is your greatest passion – professional or personal? Family and Justice