MPP Faculty Michael Nikitas

Headshot of Mike Nikitas, Carsey School Faculty member

"I strive to make the world a better place in small ways."

      ~Michael Nikitas

What is your current research/professional interest? Media and Communications Skills
In the course(s) that you teach, what are the typical aspects of the student’s coursework you evaluate and what weighting do you give each aspect? 
  • » On Camera Media Interview 17.5%
  • » TED Style Talk 17.5%
  • » 750 word Op-Ed 15%
  • » Press Pitch 10%
  • » Messaging written 10%
  • » Messaging Verbal 5%
  • » Class Participation/in-class and online discussion posts 20%
  • » Attendance 5%
What drove you to teaching? A desire to share knowledge gained from experience of 36 years in journalism and media/communications professional development.
What or who inspires you? Talking to someone new who's got a well-thought out and fact based perspective on life.
When you were a student, what is one thing you wish you had known? It's best to listen more and talk less.
What advice do you have for your students? Do your best work when the stuff hits the fan.
What is the most recent book you read? Reporter by Seymour Hersh
How do you spend your free time? Motorcycling, family, playing baseball, golf, working on home, reading or watching news, gardening.