Top 5 Reasons to Pursue an Accelerated Master’s Degree at UNH

The Carsey School Offers Accelerated Options for its MPP Degree and MPA Degree

Thursday, October 29, 2020


Katie Rascoe

In this day and age, earning a quality education is no simple feat. Degree programs are increasingly costly and often take years to complete. However, research continues to prove that the rate of return on the investment of paying for a higher education degree is large enough to encourage the decision to enroll. In acknowledgment of these roadblocks, the University of New Hampshire has designed a flexible and engaging program that allows undergraduate students to earn a master’s degree in just 12 months. Below, we have outlined 5 reasons why you should consider pursuing an Accelerated Master’s program at UNH.

1. There are clear cost and time advantages to enrolling in the UNH Accelerated Master's program

One of the larger draws to enrolling in these programs is the cost savings. The Accelerated Degree program at the University of New Hampshire can be completed in as little as 12 months, allowing students to maximize the return on their educational investment while increasing their marketability following graduation. Many students who enroll in one of the Accelerated Masters programs see cost savings of as much as $10,000 or more. UNH has created this affordable accelerated master’s program with these challenges in mind, and with hopes that they can reduce the financial burden for their students as they begin to enter the job market.

girl in orange shirt attending an accelerated master's class at UNH

2. Start taking graduate-level courses at UNH once you achieve "Senior status"

An additional advantage of enrolling in the Accelerated Degree program is the fact that students can officially begin taking graduate-level classes once they achieve Senior status. At UNH, Senior status means having earned 90 credits or more. Once students hit the 90-credit mark, they become eligible to apply for UNH's Accelerated Master’s programs through the Carsey school and can begin taking classes that count towards a master's degree. This particular benefit adds a degree of flexibility for prospective students. As Master in Public Policy alum Sarah Nadeau ('19, '20G) shares, “The flexibility and adaptability of the Carsey School program has really allowed me to choose what I wanted to study.” 

3. Become eligible for Carsey School Scholarships and Fellowships as a graduate student

The Carsey School Admissions team understands the financial stress that enrollment in a degree program can create for students. They heavily value accessibility when it comes to the degree programs they offer and want to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to advance in their educations. As a potential graduate student, you would be eligible to apply for a Carsey School scholarship and fellowship in order to help offset the cost of your master's degree program. There are a number of funding opportunities available for both in-state and out-of-state program applicants, and the Carsey School team encourages those with financial hardships to consider investigating these options.

4. The Master in Public Policy and Master of Public Administration degrees offer the foundations for a successful career

The Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree – offered through the Carsey School – prepares students with the critical skills and experience necessary to excel in a number of fields, including policy and research analysis, communications and public affairs, as well as legislative positions. Likewise, the Carsey School’s Master of Public Administration readies students with a practical skillset and the theoretical foundation needed for positions within government administration, nonprofit leadership, and other public service positions.

Current MPP student, Juliana Good ('20, '21G) says of the program: “All of the Carsey faculty members are incredibly well-connected, and I've gotten the opportunity to chat with some truly experienced and inspirational people…This is an incredibly flexible, supportive, and engaging program that will translate your plans for changing the world into tangible work."

Accelerated Masters student Juliana Good holding her Spirit of New Hampshire Award

As an undergraduate student, Good took advantage of experiential learning opportunities related to social innovation, and these – coupled with the professional experiences she has gained through the UNH Accelerated Master’s program – will prepare her for success as she goes on to build her own social enterprise in the future. 


5. Participate in the Washington, D.C., Colloquium as a Master in Public Policy student

Washington D.C. monument

Any student pursuing the Master’s in Public Policy will have the unique opportunity to participate in the Washington, D.C. Colloquium, a weeklong trip during which students will observe and participate in meetings with public policy institutions. The program provides a glimpse into the world of public policy – students learn about various career paths in both public and nonprofit sectors, extensively discuss the current policy environment in D.C., and have the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

MPP student Jordyn Kafka ('19, '20G) says of the experience, “I found the Washington, D.C., Colloquium to be the most valuable aspect of the program because I got to apply classroom skills to the real world of policymaking." The Master’s students are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to witness their field of study in action, and the Washington, D.C. Colloquium is the pinnacle of first-hand experience. 

The decision to enroll in the UNH Accelerated Master’s program has proven to be a wise one for so many students looking to gain experience and skills prior to entering their fields. The university has worked hard to remove obstacles to participating in the programs and encourages undergraduate students to consider the benefits of gaining the relevant, first-hand experiences offered through these programs. Learn more

Carsey School Director of Academic Programs Dan Bromberg is joined by Candice Morey of the UNH Graduate School to discuss the Carsey School of Public Policy’s Accelerated Master’s degrees in Public Policy and Public Administration. Discover what makes these Accelerated programs truly unique and learn the many advantages of pursuing a master’s degree while a junior or senior at the University of New Hampshire.