NH Listens Statement on Protests

NH Listens logo of woman holding sign.

Message of Solidarity from the NH Listens Team

July 2020


Black Lives Matter.

Vincent Harding, the late civil rights leader asked us, “What is the America that we dream, that we hope for, that we vow to help bring into being?”

New Hampshire Listens helps people build resilient, just and engaged communities. Racism is endemic and hurts all of us. We stand ready to work with you in creating a community where everyone can thrive. Together, we are relearning our history, having hard conversations, questioning what we believe to be true, and focusing intently on racial and social justice. For far too long, Black lives have been marginalized or only remembered when tragedy hits the news. Black lives always matter. NH was never and will never be a white state because Black Bodies, Black Voices, and Black Lives have always led and lived here.

We believe change comes from all directions. We need people inside institutions creating change. We need people outside of institutions demanding change. Our work is with those who stand inside as well as outside of the institutions and systems that affect individuals and communities.

We believe “we can hold each other accountable and hold each other with care”.1 We promise to take advantage of the momentum to center Black voices and Black lives. The America we dream and hope for is one with true justice and liberty for all. Especially, justice and liberty for black bodies, black voices and black lives.

In house, we commit to supporting highly skilled people who bring love, truth, and humility to our approach. We hold ourselves to high standards of “walking the talk,” not with simple answers but with a clarity of purpose and the capacity to hold the tensions so real progress is made.

In the Carsey School of Public Policy and at the University of New Hampshire, we show up with our colleagues to lean into authentic cultural and systems change to advance true liberation and belonging. We work to sustain momentum, so this is not a moment in history but a time of historic change.

In our state and region, we are committed. Our hearts and minds are with you. We are not performing. We are not perfect. We are in it for the long haul and for the urgency of now.

Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,