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A person holds a sign reading We Need A Change

10 Careers for Making a Difference

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
It’s important to find meaning in your work. If you work in public policy, you will be reminded of that importance daily. Air quality, gas prices, tax forms…most of the fundamental aspects of our lives are influenced or determined by policy. As we engage with our environment, our communities, our government, and a never-ending list of mundane activities we see clearly how impactful good policymaking can be. Learn about 10 policy-related careers and how the Carsey School can prepare you to work in them. Read More
A photo of a first responder emergency technician standing in front of an ambulance

6 Skillsets for Advancing Your First Responder Career

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Beyond the specialized training that each first responder completes to learn how to respond to emergencies – like how to splint a leg, operate a firehose, or deescalate a tense situation – there are broader soft skills that they require to advance their careers and more effectively serve their organizations and communities. Carsey’s three graduate degrees offer those skills, and the School’s First Responders Education Award allows active first responders to save $5,000 on their tuition. Read More
A photo showing people wearing shirts that say "Volunteer"

How Can Students Get Involved in Advocacy, Outreach, and Community Service?

Thursday, December 16, 2021
Student interest in activism and advocacy is at an all-time high, with movements such as Black Lives Matter, the Me Too movement, and LGBTQ+ receiving significant support across college and university campuses. Closely aligned with the drive to create change, public administration, advocacy, and social service graduate programs have become more popular than ever. And that's a good thing for everyone. More people interested in studying social care and public policy issues means more professionals with the knowledge and skills to build stronger, more equitable local, national, and even... Read More
A photo showing two people filling food boxes for a food bank

5 Careers for Public Service Graduates

Tuesday, November 30, 2021
In the United States, 1.3 million charitable nonprofits play critical roles in feeding, sheltering, educating, and strengthening our nation’s communities. The need for these organizations – and the services they provide – grows on a daily basis. Fortunately, the number of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. continues to grow as well. Read More