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What does it mean to be a part of the Carsey School?

Carsey's students are on paths to become leaders within their communities and their organizations. They benefit from learning from leading researchers in the policy field and from educators with rich histories of working in policy and public administration around the country. 

Below, you’ll find some information about the #CarseyStudents and have a chance to explore the backgrounds and current roles of members of this unique, devoted, and experienced school.

View students by degree program below.

With MPP Student Alex Stern
"The Washington, D.C., Colloquium was the biggest selling point for me, and it did not disappoint. During this experience, my cohort members and I met with government officials, lobbyists, campaign coordinators, news reporters, and...
With MPP Student Dakotah Thunder Wilson
"I believe an MPP will equip me to advise on and perhaps eventually create more sensible healthcare policies in New Hampshire and the United States."       ~(MPP) Student Dakotah Thunder Wilson — Dover, NH
With MPP Student Kacie Snyder
My experience as an MPP student has given me hope that a brighter future is possible, so long as we approach policy issues with tact and empathy. I've gained exposure to varying worldviews of policy experts, students, and professors, which has shaped my understanding of the world at large. I'm...
With MPP Student Justus Schriedel
"I realized I loved social justice work so much that I wanted to make it my career, and that realization inspired me to join the MPP program!"       ~(MPP) Student Justus Schriedel — Portsmouth, NH
With MPP Student Carly Prescott
"After my time working for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, I discovered a passion for New Hampshire social issues including our public education system."       ~(MPP) Student Carly Prescott — Elkins, NH
With MPP Student Zachary Phillips
"I wish to create an environment where our veterans are honored, respected, and taken care of by the country and her citizens."       ~(MPP) Student Zachary Phillips — Concord, NH
With MPP Student Stephanie McNally
"I believe an MPP would provide me the tools to work within policy approaches that better consider the diversity of the population they serve."       ~(MPP) Student Stephanie McNally — Bethesda, MD
With MPP Student Tricia Foster
"Working in renewable resources is important to me because it's the future - there's no way to move forward without sustainable policy. And sustainable policy must include the three E's of sustainability: Equity, Environmental impact, and Economic opportunities. If we aren't considering these three...
With MPP Student Zoe Dawson
"I am hopeful that getting my MPP will enhance my future goals of keeping harmful policies out of law."       ~(MPP) Student Zoe Dawson — Moultonborough, NH
With MPP Student Hannah Chisholm
"I want to expand the toolkit that my experiences have helped me create in order to serve my community better."       ~(MPP) Student Hannah Chisholm — Nashua, NH
With Accelerated MPP Student Meriah Metzger
"Having the experiences associated with the Accelerated Masters in Public Policy program has been really helpful in learning more about what I am interested in and how to best apply my skillset. "       ~(Accelerated MPP) Student Meriah Metzger  — Shelburne, VT
With MPP Student Tavion Dignard
"Obtaining my BA in Women’s Studies gave me the push to move toward “being the change” and gaining further knowledge of the intersection of gender and gender roles within society currently and historically and experience in advocating for feminism and various social justice issues."       ~(MPP)...
With MCD Student Lindsey Hajduk
"The MCD Program will give me tools and strategies to create a safe, connected community where everyone has a place to call home."       ~(MCD) Student Lindsey Hajduk — Anchorage, AK
With MCD Student Matthew Parker
"I am pursuing the Masters in Community Development to build out the tools I believe necessary to lead the Union of Minority Neighborhoods and to be an example to my children."       ~(MCD) Student Matthew Parker — Boston, MA
With MCD Student Jessica Martin
"I have a passion for housing issues, regional economic development, supporting under-served populations and transit related issues."       ~(MCD) Student Jessica Martin — Manchester, NH
With MCD Student Leo'el Jackson
"Since graduating from college, my main focus has been on keeping people in their homes and creating housing opportunities for people who do not have a home."       ~(MCD) Student Leo'el Jackson — Rochester, NY
With MCD Student Brandon Jones
"I plan to lead community relations nationally and globally with concentrated efforts on lessening the wealth gap in communities of color."       ~(MCD) Student Brandon Jones — Dallas, TX
With MCD Student Victor Balaguer Datiz
"I believe that pursuing a masters-level education in community development at the Carsey School of Public Policy would allow me to successfully scale my work from something that is a local disaster recovery model to one that can affect a greater number of Puerto Ricans."       ~(MCD) Student...
With MCD Student Sofia Ashooh
"I hope to use this opportunity to delve into how I can more effectively drive budget decisions that will help organizations and the communities"       ~(MCD) Student Sofia Ashooh — Amherst, NH
With MCD Student Jacqueline Walker
"I'm looking forward to learning more about how to make lasting and sustainable change for a world that is more equitable for all."       ~(MCD) Student Jacqueline Walker — Dover, NH
With MCD Student Ethan Pope
"I want to build the skillset needed to effectively bridge the current gaps of disparity within my community"       ~(MCD) Student Ethan Pope — Chattanooga, TN
With MCD Student Jess Torres
"I am interested in making community investments that are not about individual wealth-building but visioning reparations in the form of food and land for queer, trans, intersex, black, and indigenous individuals."       ~(MCD) Student Jess Torres — Long Beach, CA
With MCD Student Natalie Rogers
"I am passionate about economic justice, participatory democracy, and community-engaged research methods."       ~(MCD) Student Natalie Rogers — Silver Spring, MD
With MCD Student Victoria Pham
"Seeking a Masters in Community Development is my way of connecting my drive to help others with my love of design on a more practical and holistic scale. I am humble to be in this program and excited to continue learning."       ~(MCD) Student Victoria Pham — Haverhill, MA Position: Public...
With MCD Student Haley Taddeo
"I hope to blend my knowledge of growing food sustainably and my passion for food security to promote sustainable community development on both small and large scales."       ~(MCD) Student Haley Taddeo — Lancaster, MA
With MPA Student Janina Kruzel
"I believe that the Carsey School MPA program will be the right stepping stone into merging my undergraduate degree with my real-life experience in the non-profit world."       ~(MPA) Student Janina Kruzel — Springfield, MA
With MPA Student Audrey Goudie
"I am passionate about non-profit work, especially in areas of workforce and economic development and community/public health."       ~(MPA) Student Audrey Goudie — Brisol, NH
With MPA Student Jessica Gifford
"I hope that the Carsey School MPA program will provide me with greater skills to continue my career in social development and the public sector."       ~(MPA) Student Jessica Gifford— Quito, Ecuador
With MPA Student Kellie Cunningham
"I plan to use the knowledge I learn through the MPA program to develop a nonprofit that helps to build confident, civically knowledgeable, and engaged citizens."       ~(MPA) Student Kellie Cunningham — Orange, CA
With MPA Student Connor Cryans
"I hope to develop real-life professional skills that will launch me into community work as I strive to be a community leader."       ~(MPA) Student Connor Cryans — Hanover, NH
With MPA Student Owen Cororan
"Joining my career experience with the knowledge and skills I’ll acquire in this degree program will truly set me up for success in a new career in public administration."       ~(MPA) Student Owen Cororan — Amesbury, MA
With MPA Student Adam Clark
"I am convinced that the Masters in Public Administration at the Carsey School will help me better myself and my organization. "       ~(MPA) Student Adam Clark — Barrington, NH
With MPA Student Juliet Webber
"I am passionate about education, and finding ways to make lifelong learning accessible for all and I hope to integrate these areas throughout my MPA studies."       ~(MPA) Student Juliet Webber — East Kingston, NH
With MPA Student Jennifer Salazar
"I want to be someone that works with people but more importantly, I want to help people. "       ~(MPA) Student Jennifer Salazar — Manchester, NH
With MPA Student Jeanne Walker
"It has been some time since I was in school and quite a bit has changed but I am up for this challenge. It promises to be quite a ride."       ~(MPA) Student Jeanne Walker — Nashua, NH
With MPA Student Andrea LaBonté
"To implement the changes I want to make, I believe the Master’s in Public Administration program makes sense as my next step."       ~(MPA) Student Andrea LaBonté — Bolton, MA
With MPA Student Aislinn Forbes
"I am passionate about education equity and income inequality! I decided to join the MPA program to learn how to be a more effective organizer and manager. "       ~(MPA) Student Aislinn Forbes — Auburn, NH
With MPA Student Jennifer Thompson '02
"The professors are extremely knowledgeable on the content and subject matter and really great to learn from... I am also starting my public health certificate at the same time and the fact that I can finish with both a degree and a certificate in the same amount of time is an incredible...
With MPA Student Sarah Tremblay
"I am eager to explore an opportunity to expand my knowledge and further hone my skills by enrolling in UNH’s MPA program."       ~(MPA) Student Sarah Tremblay — Dover, NH
With MPA Student Sharon Tarleton
"My vision encompasses more diversity in organizational leadership throughout the state of New Hampshire as well as less duplication of services."       ~(MPA) Student Sharon Tarleton — Somersworth, NH
With MPA Student Elizabeth Spaeth
"A degree from the Carsey School will provide me with a different perspective in a way that I feel better suits my career current objectives and interests."       ~(MPA) Student Elizabeth Spaeth — Newton, NH
With MPA Student Leah Soderquist
"I am passionate about the community engagement process and the role that high-quality feedback can play in building trustworthy and effective programs."       ~(MPA) Student Leah Soderquist — Holden, MA
With MPA Student Stephen Salter
"I am participating in the MPA program to advance my lifelong endeavor to achieve socioeconomic justice."       ~(MPA) Student Stephen Salter — Poland
With MPA Student Leanne Ryder
"I am eager for the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals equally dedicated to careers in public service."       ~(MPA) Student Leanne Ryder— Washington, DC
With MPA Student Sawyer Rogers
"My long-term professional goal is to work in a leadership position at a non-profit or governmental organization."       ~(MPA) Student Sawyer Rogers — Kensington, NH
With MPA Student Emma Paciulli
"I am pursuing an MPA as establishing the foundation for professional advancement in the public sector is a crucial next step in my career."       ~(MPA) Student Emma Paciulli — Portsmouth, NH
With MPA Student Meghan Eckner
"I strive to find more strategic solutions and proposals pertaining to student access and affordability."       ~(MPA) Student Meghan Eckner — Hopkington, NH
With MPA Student Tom Case
"I strive to become the best public service professional that I can be."       ~(MPA) Student Tom Case — Manchester, NH

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If you're a Carsey student and you want to share your story with us, please email Academic Program Coordinator Robin Husslage or Digital Media Coordinator Bailey Schott for more information. And remember to always: Take Pride Carsey Community!

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