Meet Our Students

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Meet Our Students!

What does it mean to be a part of the Carsey School?

Carsey's students are on paths to become leaders within their communities and their organizations. They benefit from learning from leading researchers in the policy field and from educators with rich histories of working in policy and public administration around the country. 

Below, you’ll find some information about the #CarseyStudents and have a chance to explore the backgrounds and current roles of members of this unique, devoted, and experienced school.

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with MPP student Av Harris
"The faculty, the staff, everyone here is super supportive and accomadating, and that's an important factor."
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With MPP Student Justus Schriedel
"I realized I loved social justice work so much that I wanted to make it my career, and that realization inspired me to join the MPP program!"       ~(MPP) Student Justus Schriedel — Portsmouth, NH
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With MPP Student Carly Prescott
"After my time working for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, I discovered a passion for New Hampshire social issues including our public education system."       ~(MPP) Student Carly Prescott — Elkins, NH
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With MPP Student Stephanie McNally
"I believe an MPP would provide me the tools to work within policy approaches that better consider the diversity of the population they serve."       ~(MPP) Student Stephanie McNally — Bethesda, MD
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With MPP Student Tricia Foster
"Working in renewable resources is important to me because it's the future - there's no way to move forward without sustainable policy. And sustainable policy must include the three E's of sustainability: Equity, Environmental impact, and Economic opportunities. If we aren't considering these three…
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With MCD Student Brandon Jones
"I plan to lead community relations nationally and globally with concentrated efforts on lessening the wealth gap in communities of color."       ~(MCD) Student Brandon Jones — Dallas, TX
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With MCD Student Ethan Pope
"It's been my dreams, goals, and visions to involve myself with something that would grant me more enhanced opportunities for making a difference in the lives of individuals and people, one household at a time"       ~(MCD) Student Ethan Pope — Chattanooga, TN
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with MPA student Adam Lavoie
"I decided that I wanted to do something with my life that would help humanity, and produce a "net positive" in the world."       ~(MPA) Student Adam Lavoie — Somersworth, NH
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with MPA student Kim Kleiner
"We were taught very young to participate and give back to our community, from small contributions to large."       ~(MPA) Student Kim Kliener — Nashua, NH
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with MPA student Shawnna Bowman
"I hope to clarify the blurred lines of policy, illuminate the obstacles faced by both the disability community and policy administrators, and find more effective ways of incorporating community members with disabilities into society."       ~(MPA) Student Shawnna Bowman — Webster, NH
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with MPA student Shara Guzelian
"I am interested in learning ways to engage with the community and make an impact."       ~(MPA) Student Shara Guzelian — Gorham, ME
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with MPA student Shane Wells
"I would like to capitalize on my knowledge and get my Master's of Public Administration."       ~(MPA) Student Shane Wells — Northwood, NH
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with MPA student Ryan Straight
"I want to expand my leadership capabilities to increase my executive level administration acumen to allow me to grow into a role model within the government."       ~(MPA) Student Ryan Straight — South Hero, VT
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with MPA student Nicholas Crosby
"I am wanting to go back to school to further pursue a career in the public service sector and utilize my obtained skills and couple that with what I would learn in the MPA program to eventually maximize my passion to help out the community."       ~(MPA) Student Nicholas Crosby — Rumney, NH
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with MPA student Michelle Martinson
"It fills my bucket when I can help to improve efficiencies, implement new solutions, and manage change."       ~(MPA) Student Michelle Martinson — Lee, NH
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with MPA student Matthew Harris
"I would like to help strengthen the bonds between high schools, public colleges, and industry partners in the private sector."       ~(MPA) Student Matthew Harris — Marrimack, NH
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with MPA student Maheen Khan
"I was inspired to ask myself questions of a similar nature. I wanted to know what about this job made me particularly intrigued and passionate."       ~(MPA) Student Maheen Khan — Long Island, NY
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with MPA student Lauren Quann
"My thirst for knowledge and the belief that all should continue to grow, learn, improve, stumbe, get back up, and keep growing is what has driven me to seek an MPA."       ~(MPA) Student Lauren Quann — Alton, NH
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with MPA student Kathleen Skafas
"Eager to be able to continue making connections and anticipate gaining more knowledge and experience over time."       ~(MPA) Student Kathleen Skafas — Hampstead, NH
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If you're a Carsey student and you want to share your story with us, please email Academic Program Coordinator Robin Husslage or Digital Media Coordinator Bailey Schott for more information. And remember to always: Take Pride Carsey Community!

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