Collaborate with the Carsey School

What are the advantages of collaborating with the Carsey School?

For faculty interested in joining us at the Carsey School, we offer a variety of advantages and opportunities. These include:

  • Teaching in one of our three graduate programs. Learn More

  • Collaborating with leading policy experts and researchers working in a range of fields and industries. Learn more

  • Advising Carsey students on innovative research and community-based capstone experiences. Learn more

  • Publishing policy briefs through Carsey’s publications infrastructure connected with a network of journalists, analysts, policy makers, and dedicated readers. Learn more

  • Partnering with New Hampshire Listens and collaborating on groundbreaking civic outreach and education work. Learn more

Interested in learning more about the many advantages of collaborating with the Carsey School? I encourage you to email me at, or reach out to Carsey School Director Michael Ettlinger or NH Listens Director Michele Holt-Shannon.

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We’re excited to share with you all the opportunities available to you as an educator and researcher at Carsey!


Daniel Bromberg
Director of Academic Programs
Carsey School of Public Policy

Why join the Carsey School? Our staff and faculty share some of their own experiences below.

Cross Functional Collaboration and Engagement

You’ll be connected to and able to collaborate with top policy researchers and educators working in a variety of different fields, including Demography; Vulnerable Populations; Community Engagement, Environment and Climate Change; Community Finance; Economic Policy; and more. Learn more about collaborative research and teaching opportunities at the Carsey School by emailing Director Michael Ettlinger.

Learn more about Carsey's Research areas

Mentoring and Advising Students

As a Carsey faculty member, you’ll be serving our students as educators and mentors. However, you can also advise our students on their capstone research and projects taking place across the globe. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to teach in other programs at the University of New Hampshire. Ready to learn more? You can email Carolyn Arcand for additional information about teaching, advising and mentoring opportunities at the Carsey School.

Meet Some of Our Students and Alumni

Integrating Research and Policy

At Carsey, you’ll be plugged into our nationally renowned research publishing infrastructure, which serves and reaches government officials, policy experts, and a dedicated community-based readership. Our publications team can serve you, helping to bring your research from origination to quality published publication. Learn more about publishing with the Carsey School by emailing Senior Demographer Ken Johnson.

Check Out Our Publications Page

Grounded in Community and Equity

Part of the Carsey School, NH Listens works in person and online to help people talk, listen, and act together to create communities that work for everyone. NH Listens has a strong statewide and regional network and specializes in deepening engagement and equity through coalition building, learning exchanges, facilitator training, and helping groups structure systemic and long term change. To learn more, email NH Listens Director Michele Holt-Shannon.

Visit the NH Listens Webpage

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