Promoting Peace & Human Security

with GCHS alum Alioune Mzeirigue
Alioune Mzeirigue headshot

"I saw the world in conflict ... With so many valuable resources under threat—human lives, the economy and the environment—I needed to understand what is going on in the world around me."

      ~(GCHS) Alum Alioune Mzeirigue 

Position: International Migrations Specialist

Education: BS in Social Work & Local Development, MA in Migrations & Borders Studies, MA in Global Conflict & Human Security

Why Carsey? The program's course content analyzes conflict and peacebuilding strategies, as well as negotiations and development, among other global and human security issues, and this attracted me. I found everything that I needed to succeed in my professional life in the GCH program. The reasonable price of these high-quality courses attracted me as well.