Justin Young

Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology


Justin Young is a research assistant at Carsey, originally joining the team in 2010 as part of the Community and Environment in Rural America (CERA) research group and soon afterward providing data analysis assistance to the Vulnerable Families team. Young’s research at Carsey centers on community life and civic engagement in rural America, as well as the changing state of U.S. labor markets as affected by the Great Recession.

Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in sociology, Young spent nearly two years in the mental health field before coming to graduate school, earning a master’s in sociology from the University of New Hampshire. His thesis research focused on the changing racial and spatial distribution of middle-skill employment. Currently a doctoral student in the UNH sociology department, his research lies at the intersection of race/ethnic relations, social stratification, and urban/community life. His dissertation research–a comparative, mix-methods community case study–examines the effects of demographic change on neighborhood collective efficacy and social capital. Other research projects include a case study of the role rural youth play in the civic lives of their communities, civic attitudes and participation in rural America more broadly, the effects of county-level diversity on voter turnout during the 2008 presidential election, and the rural/urban gap in working women’s access to fringe benefits.