Ilona Drew

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Ilona Drew, Manager of Operations and Special Projects at the College for Social Innovation oversees the development, strategy and implementation of their operational infrastructure, and works with departmetns across the organization on mission-critical special projects.  The College for Social Innovation is an entrepreneurial non profit organization focusing on higher education. 

 At Carsey, she assisted with research and analysis on topics related to poverty and family well-being in New Hampshire and nationwide.  Her work with the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise was focused on the Social Sector Franchising Initiative, facilitating research on the application of  cross-sector strategies to aid social enterprises in scaling their operations. Drew received her Master in Public Policy at Carsey, focusing on Analysis and Strategy and Communication.  She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire, Paul T. Paul College of Business and Economies  with a B.S. in Business Management. Ilona competed in the Social Innovation Challenge in Fall 2014, winning a Judge's Special Prize in the Community Track. Prior to her enrollment in the Master in Public Policy program, Drew worked in corporate financial planning.