Courtney Wrigley

Senior Associate, Public Engagement Partners
Carsey Fellow
Image of Courtney

Courtney Wrigley is a community development professional based in northern New Hampshire. Her experience is rooted in communities, organizations, and coalitions looking to create change and positive impact. As a trusted facilitator, she has designed community engagement strategies and dialogues. She is a convener, a connector, and a collaborator. 

​Coming from a background of municipal and regional land use planning, Courtney gravitated towards projects built on community knowledge, vision, and voice. Joining NH Listens in 2014, she dove into principles of civic engagement and deliberative democracy. She led the development of North Country Listens, a civic engagement initiative and partner of NH Listens, and designed and facilitated many community conversations in Coös County and northern NH. 

​In addition to her work with CJW Consulting LLC, Courtney is a Fellow with NH Listens at the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire and a Senior Associate with Public Engagement Partners. She has a M.A. in Community Development and Planning from Clark University in Worcester, MA. She lives in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire with her family.