An Equity-Centered, Collaborative Approach to Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Thursday, June 22, 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm


 In this opening webinar of our Equitable Greenhouse Gas Reduction Webinar Series, we will establish a framework and detail the fundamentals that are essential for rapid, impactful, equitable deployment of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and a just transition to a clean energy economy:  
  • Democratic, community accountability, with a transparent and fair process at all levels, consistent with the fundamental environmental justice principle of self-determination.
  • Utilization of existing capacity, including the vast network of community development organizations across the country to reach LI/DACs and drive market transformation.
  • Prioritization of strategies that demonstrate meaningful community-level coordination, cooperation, collaboration, and capacity building across the project development, financing, and implementation ecosystem.
  • Strategic market building that addresses non-financial barriers through community planning and outreach efforts, capacity building, workforce development, contractor support, shared infrastructure, and early-stage predevelopment financing.
  • Flowing dollars to communities on the terms they need while prioritizing the smaller-dollar, community-serving projects that struggle to access funding, even with the other incentives in the IRA.
  • Maximization of impact and minimization of risk through diffuse deployment strategies. 
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Tina Johnson