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What does it mean to be a part of the Carsey School?

Carsey's students are on paths to become leaders within their communities and their organizations. They benefit from learning from leading researchers in the policy field and from educators with rich histories of working in policy and public administration around the country. 

Below, you’ll find some information about the #CarseyStudents and have a chance to explore the backgrounds and current roles of members of this unique, devoted, and experienced school.

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with Accelerated MPP student Delaney Cote
"No matter the exact path, Delaney feels equipped with what she is learning and continues to value field focused experiences as she pursues her degree."
with MPP student Antonio Serna
"I have a deeply held belief that equality cannot be realized without combating the inequalities marginalized groups in society experience every day"       ~(MPP) Student Antonio Serna 
with MPP student Carly Prescott
"Without Washington, D.C., I never would have understood my true passions"       ~(MPP) Student Carly Prescott— Elkins, NH
with MPP student Stephanie McNally
"I am determined to become a proponent of change at the societal level that will have an impact on my community"       ~(MPP) Student Stephanie McCally — Bethesda, MD
with MPP student Thomas Galarneau
"I am not merely following the path that I chose to be on, but one that has fit me quite well to this point"       ~(MPP) Student Thomas Galarneau — Portsmouth, NH
with MPP Tricia Foster
"Building community with equity, economic, and the environment as equally necessary components, is essential to sustainable community development"       ~(MPP) Student Tricia Foster — Lancaster, NH
with MPP student Shauni McGowan
"I enjoy data trends and believe that data can holp one better understand the system and make the most informed decisions in the system"       ~(MPP) Student Shauni McGowan — Rochester, NH
with MPP student Ethan Manning
"I have realized that although there is aid to be given, pointers to be received, there is an equal amount of knowledge that can only be received by the person who goes after it themselves"       ~(MPP) Student Ethan Manning — Manchester, NH
with MPP student Kira Nolan
"I want to be a changemaker in the environmental policy field and work to create learning opportunities for people to better understand what socio-economic issues affect them on a regional and global level"       ~(MPP) Student Kira Nolan — Richmond, VT
with MPP student Solstice Soliba
"I want to do graduate work in the public policy field because I have that 'save the world' mindset and feel that I can contribute to making it a better place to live regardless of the area of the world"       ~(MPP) Student Solstice Soliba — Canada
with MPP student Sam Christy-Rubin
"My immediate goal is to address policy reform within the educational system to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education in an evironment that cares for the whole person"       ~(MPP) Student Sam Christy-Rubin — Dunbarton, NH
with MPP Student Carson Hansford
"With a master's degree in public policy from the Carsey School, I can better serve and give back to the community, educate and lead those who feel as if they may not have a voice"       ~(MPP) Student Carson Hansford — New Hampshire
With MCD Student Leo'el Jackson
"Since graduating from college, my main focus has been on keeping people in their homes and creating housing opportunities for people who do not have a home."       ~(MCD) Student Leo'el Jackson — Rochester, NY
with MCD student Samuel Scott
"Mercy Corps in Ketgum was where I had my richest experience as a leader and developed a business skills training program to benefit over three hundred refugees"       ~(MCD) Student Samuel Scott — Durham, NC
with MCD student Christina Scenna
"My desire is to learn more about how organizational processes can motivate and influence human behavior within communities"       ~(MCD) Student Christina Scenna — Exeter, NH  
with MCD student Pat Saley
"I firmly believe that when an individual is granted access to a wide spectrum of supportive resources, they can accomplish their endeavors"       ~(MCD) Student Pat Sales — Milford, CT
with MCD student Stacey Purslow
"My interst is not anything to do with economic development but people having a place to share ideas, improve lives and communities, overcome differences, build trust, and create something new and better"       ~(MCD) Student Stacey Purslow — Rochester, New Hampshire  
with MCD student Myriam Narcisse
"I am committed to the empowerment, safety, health, and well-being of adolescent girls and their communities"       ~(MCD) Student Myriam Narcisse — Miami, FL  
with MCD student Rebecca Waugh
"Growing up in relatively rural New Hampshire, I've always wanted to be able to play an impactful role in the community where I live"       ~(MCD) Student Rebecca Waugh — New Hampshire
with MCD student Madison Baranoski
"By gaining an M.A. in Community Development and Policy, I will how to dream bigger. I will know how to make it real"       ~(MCD) Student Madison Baranoski — North Conway, NH
with MCD student Chase Eagleson
"My desire is to continue to act as a researcher, gaining knowledge and understanding into papers and projects focused around the study of socioeconomic analysis as well as sustainable and equitable economics"       ~(MCD) Student Chase Eagleson — Hampton, New Hampshire
with MCD student Bienfiat Polepole
"I would like to help develop a host home project for refugees here in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire or perhaps statewide"       ~(MCD) Student Bienfiat Polepole — Rochester, NH
with MCD student Caitlyn Fulton
"I am excited to apply to the Master's in Community Development program through the Carsey School at UNH. I believe my entrance into the program is a natural next step for my career development in the field of disability advocacy and justice work. I also believe my unique experiences and...
with MCD student-athlete Nazim Derry
"I grew up in a really bad neighborhood where, you know, you see your friends go down the wrong path. You see many people with talents–just wasted. And it's not their fault, they have no guidance. I just want to help the kids who really want the best for themselves in my community. Give them the...
with MPA student Elizabeth Spaeth
"Pursuing a graduate degree in public administration will help me in my shift from a clinical side and approach public service from a different perspective in a way I feel better suits my career current objectives and interests."       ~(MPA) Student Elizabeth Spaeth — Newton, NH
with MPA student Cyndi Roll
"My ability to identify goals for myself and achieve them will serve me well in my endeavor to utilize an MPA to make an impact in any organization I may work for."       ~(MPA) Student Cyndi Roll — Farmington, NH
with MPA student Faithe Miller Lakowicz
"I'm interested in supporting healthy communities through public service and nonprofit leadership."       ~(MPA) Student Faithe Miller Lakowicz — Concord, NH
with MPA student Kyle Hacker
"I envision myself as being a lifelone public servant to the state of New Hampshire and an MPA degree will supplement my work ethic, knowledge, and technical skills so that I can lead the organization into the future while upholding the mission statement."       ~(MPA) Student Kyle Hacker — NH
with MPA student Joe Devine
"I want to take the skills and knowledge back to the community I work for to help it become successful."       ~(MPA) Student Joe Devine — Rochester, NH
with MPA student Thomas Case
"My long-term objective is to succeed in a leadership role in public service."       ~(MPA) Student Thomas Case — Manchester, NH
with MPA student Calista Barbowski
"A huge goal is to be able to make connections through courses I take and to expand on learning about more job opportunities I could have that interest me."       ~(MPA) Student Calista Barbowski — Manchester, NH
with MPA student Stephen Appleby
"I am excited to start a graduate program where I can formalize my previous experience as well as deepen my knowledge of public sector management, public finance, and public policy."       ~(MPA) Student Stephen Appleby — Bedford, NH
with MPA student Becky Wintringer
"I am so fortunate to work in a world where I can exercise my strenths in interpersonal connection and communication while gaining valuable professional business experience."       ~(MPA) Student Becky Wintringer — Hartford, WI
with MPA student Sarah Tremblay
"II understand the importance of coaching and collaborating wiht staff and colleagues to create an effective, thriving team that is results driven."       ~(MPA) Student Sarah Tremblay — Dover, NH
with MPA student Abigail Salomon
"Meeting with representatives from all over the state sparked my interest in doing more and seeing what other opportunities there could be for me to assist our community."       ~(MPA) Student Abigail Salomon — VT
with MPA student Leanne Ryder
"My long-term career objective is to become more effective at partnership and network management, to strengthen my program evaluation skills, and to learn to manage internal teams and operations for greater impact."       ~(MPA) Student Leanne Ryder — CT
With MPA Student Sarah Tremblay
"I am eager to explore an opportunity to expand my knowledge and further hone my skills by enrolling in UNH’s MPA program."       ~(MPA) Student Sarah Tremblay — Dover, NH
With MPA Student Elizabeth Spaeth
"A degree from the Carsey School will provide me with a different perspective in a way that I feel better suits my career current objectives and interests."       ~(MPA) Student Elizabeth Spaeth — Newton, NH
With MPA Student Stephen Salter
"I am participating in the MPA program to advance my lifelong endeavor to achieve socioeconomic justice."       ~(MPA) Student Stephen Salter — Poland
With MPA Student Leanne Ryder
"I am eager for the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals equally dedicated to careers in public service."       ~(MPA) Student Leanne Ryder— Washington, DC
With MPA Alum Emma Paciulli
"I am pursuing an MPA as establishing the foundation for professional advancement in the public sector is a crucial next step in my career."       ~(MPA) Alum Emma Paciulli — Portsmouth, NH
With MPA Student Tom Case
"I strive to become the best public service professional that I can be."       ~(MPA) Student Tom Case — Manchester, NH

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If you're a Carsey student and you want to share your story with us, please email Academic Program Coordinator Robin Husslage or Digital Media Coordinator Bailey Schott for more information. And remember to always: Take Pride Carsey Community!

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