Taking the Accelerated Path

with GCHS student Nico Mayo-Pushee
headshot photo of gchs student nico mayo-pushee

Accelerated Master's — Global Conflict & Human Security (GCHS)

Nico is a student ambassador for the Accelerated Master's program. He came to UNH undeclared and later joined the Geography program for his Bachelor's after taking a few classes he enjoyed. He is in the Global Conflict & Human Security Accelerated Master's program. With a wide range of interests, Nico is minoring in English, Political Science, Writing, Psychology, and Global Studies.

Learning and Career Experience

He currently works as a field researcher and SLA (undergrad Teaching Assistant) for the department. As a field researcher, he goes to the Durham weather station daily where he takes the temperature and precipitation measurements for Professor Stampone, who is the state climatologist. As an SLA, he primarily just collects labs and tests from students but is also available to them when they want a bit more help. Nico has always enjoyed teaching and helping people through experiences and classes he has had, so this is a great opportunity for him.

An Accelerated Path

Nico discovered the Accelerated Master's program when his mother encouraged him to apply to the NSIA program, although he ended up applying for and entering the GCHS program that he is now a part of. 

He chose the GCHS program for the open-ended "help and learning first" aspect of the program in comparison to other programs. Nico's favorite part of the GCHS courses is how they include space to talk about current events in conjunction with the preset curriculum, allowing for cross-event comparisons of conflict. Professor Melinda Negron-Gonzales is also great with both feedback and her own knowledge on the subject.

Being part of the Accelerated Master's program has already afforded him the great opportunity of becoming a Student Ambassador, allowing him to meet the folks who work in the Graduate Dean's Office, as well as fellow and prospective students.

The GCHS program is already preparing Nico for his post-graduation career path with a curriculum centered around discussion, analysis, and comparison between past and present events. Nico has many options ahead of him; perhaps he will be studying for another Master's program, teaching political science at a high school, or even working on a program overseas to provide support efforts in post-conflict areas. Regardless of where he ends up, the skills and knowledge Nico is learning from his program will be useful. Event analysis, the ability to perform research, critical thinking, and writing briefs are all applicable in many careers.

To Nico, GCHS is at its core about finding those who have been hurt and mistreated by human conflict, helping them, and making sure it doesn't happen again, which aligns with his values and the education position he enjoys.