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We Are Concord: Building Trust ~ Strengthening Relationships ~ Increasing Understanding
In February 2016, over 250 people attended one of three We Are Concord conversations to share their concerns and priorities for promoting collaboration and healthy problem solving across differences. These conversations provided an opportunity for the Concord community to strengthen relationships in a changing economy and a changing community, build trust and positive places for learning and reflection about our differences, and create an opportunity for cross-cultural understanding and connection.
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What Do We Value?: The Future of Education in Newmarket
During the summer and fall of 2014, a group of volunteers comprised of Newmarket residents organized Newmarket Common Ground and worked with New Hampshire Listens to design a community conversation about the future of education for the town. The conversation was intended to help Newmarket residents to engage in respectful conversation so that the community could move forward in light of the intense divisions that surfaced during the March, 2014, town vote on funding for a new high school.
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What Should Go Here?: A Community Conversation on the Future of the Marston Farm Property
The Marston Property Exploratory Committee worked with New Hampshire Listens to design a community conversation on the future use of the Marston Property. The property was recently acquired by the community, and the committee was formed to explore what uses the property would best serve the residents of Nottingham. Prior to the Community Conversation, Committee members hosted a table at Nottingham Day where over 125 community members posted ideas for the property on a large white board. Ideas ranged from gardens and athletic fields to a skate park and community brewery. The conversations were open to anyone who wanted to attend them on the evening of October 24, 2014, from 6:00 to 9:00 at night.
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What's At Stake?: Community Conversations on the Benefits and Risks of Expanded Gambling in New Hampshire
The two primary goals for the What’s At Stake project were to: gather broad citizen input to inform the policy question of whether or not to expand legalized gambling in NH (on behalf of the Governor‘s Commission) and demonstrate a different way of soliciting such input, beyond the traditional forms of public hearings and opinion polls (recognizing that both play an important role in the policy-making process).
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When Opportunity Stops Knocking: New Hampshire’s Kids and the American Dream
The conversations that took place in early May 2015 were focused on informing and getting input from New Hampshire residents on the increasing opportunity gap in the United States and in New Hampshire. Does everyone in New Hampshire have similar opportunities to succeed economically and socially? Is it harder to get ahead now than it was in previous generations? How can we make sure that everyone, especially children, have access to the opportunities they need to have a good life? These were the kinds of questions at the heart of the conversations.
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“Where do we go from here?” Identifying pathways toward inclusive community
This report presents results from a community conversation aimed at identifying pathways toward an inclusive and bias-free community. The conversation served as the closing community event of the Oyster River Community Read (ORCR) Program that ran from January to April 2018. The goal of this conversation was to increase understanding, generate ideas for change, and help participants get personally connected to next steps. The data are drawn from the transcriptions of the smaller group discussions and from the evaluation forms administered at the end of the evening. Together, this information provides valuable insight into a highly contentious topic with no easy nor one immediate solution. The information included in this report presents community generated ideas that can inform decisions and support sustainable community efforts.
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