William O'Hare

President, O’Hare Data and Demographic Services LLC.

William O’Hare is president of O’Hare Data and Demographic Services LLC. He is a demographer who has followed Census issues for more than forty years, specializing in making socio-demographic data available to the public and to policy makers.  He was formerly a research fellow at the Census Bureau and senior fellow with the KIDS COUNT project at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Prior to joining the Annie E. Casey Foundation in 1993, he worked in a number of positions in the nonprofit sector, in academia, and in state government, including at the University of Louisville, the Population Reference Bureau, the Joint Center for Political Studies, and the Department of Management and Budget for the State of Michigan. He was a contributing editor to American Demographics, an expert witness in numerous voting rights cases, a Fulbright scholar, and is a veteran of the U.S. Army.