Quixada Moore-Vissing

Carsey Fellow

Quixada is a Carsey Fellow for New Hampshire Listens. She received her PhD in education at the University of New Hampshire. Quixada’s research interests include financial aid policy and how the cost of college influences access to higher education, both in America and abroad. She also studies civic engagement, public deliberation, and citizenship and democracy in education. She has worked with New Hampshire Listens at the Carsey School of Public Policy as since 2011, wearing various hats from facilitator to researcher to report writer. Most of her work with New Hampshire Listens focuses on how to measure and document the impact of public engagement on individuals and communities. She was selected as a dissertation-year fellow, one of UNH’s highest honors for graduate students, for her dissertation called Putting the Public Back in Public Schools: How a K-12 School District Collaborated with a Land Grant University to Encourage Community Engagement in School Reform. Her research tells the story of New Hampshire Listen’s collaboration with the Pittsfield, New Hampshire schools and the local listens group called Pittsfield Listens. More broadly, she is interested both in how universities can collaborate with communities to build democratic capacity as well how public school leaders can engage students and community members in school decision making.

Moore Vissing also currently works with national public engagement organizations as a consultant, including the Deliberative Democracy Consortium and Everyday Democracy. She co-wrote New Hampshire’s 2012 Civic Health Index with Dr. Bruce Mallory. Moore Vissing was nominated in 2012 to be an emerging engagement scholar at the Engaged Scholarship Consortium conference. She is an expert on conflict resolution and nonviolent theory, and has published works on these subjects with Penguin Books and the Oxford Encyclopedia of Peace.

Moore Vissing’s other area of expertise is education, and her scholarship often bridges public engagement and education contexts. Her work in the education field focuses on increasing educational opportunity for low-income and disenfranchised populations, both in the K-12 and higher education spaces. She is a specialist around higher education access and attainment, and has worked in these spaces both nationally through the Lumina Foundation as well as locally through the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF). Moore-Vissing earned her MA in Communications at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Masters of Arts in Teaching at the University of New Hampshire, and BA in literature and avant-garde art from Boston University’s University Professors program. 

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