Jolan Rivera

Carsey School Program Faculty
Image of Jolan

Jolan Rivera is involved in evaluation research, and he is part of a team that directs, grows, and teaches at the Master in Community Development Policy and Practice program.

Jolan is a community economic development practitioner who shares his knowledge and experience through formal classroom instruction, training of community organizations, and consulting work. Formerly, he taught graduate-level courses at Southern New Hampshire University, as well as undergraduate courses at the University of the Philippines–Baguio. He also worked with a number of national and international NGOs in the Philippines. In the United States, he has provided training, technical assistance, and applied research services to a number of national, regional, and local nonprofit organizations. He also conducted collaborative academic and action research, participatory planning, organizational analysis, and program evaluation on topics that include cooperative housing, food cooperatives, asset accumulation, responsible parenthood, and community-based crime prevention. He completed his doctorate degree in community economic development at Southern New Hampshire University.