Fellowship Programs

Get Paid to Pursue Your Passion

The Carsey School offers several fellowship options for University of New Hampshire undergraduates and graduate students to engage in meaningful, fulfilling work in their communities or with organizations that interest them. All of Carsey’s fellowships include a stipend, ranging in value from $1,000 to $6,500 depending on commitment hours.

Please explore the fellowship pages listed below and find one that works for you.

undergrads/recent grads

Application Deadline: April 15

MCD Students

Application Deadline: April 15


Why pursue a fellowship from the Carsey School of Public Policy?


  • A photo of Dana Demore, a Winant Fellow from the Carsey School

    The time I spent at Northeast Passage (NEP) was transformative both personally and professionally, and I am incredibly thankful for the financial assistance that the Winant Fellowship provided to me and my family.

    Dana DeMore
    2021 Winant Fellow

  • Ellie Masson, Master in Public Policy graduate and a former NH Listens fellow, speaking in front of a sign

    The biggest impact, or my favorite part, has just been bringing people together and facilitating community…So these tough conversations that we have with a school, or an organization, or just a group of interested people who want to come together, who want to find solutions together, have been super impactful and have led me to find that I want to work in community building after my degree.

    Ellie Masson '22G (Master in Public Policy)
    2021-22 Carsey Public Policy Fellow

  • Kristine Bundschuh, Nordblom Fellow

    The Nordblom Fellowship provided me the time and funding to cultivate my academic area of interest. This opportunity to conduct research during my first summer of graduate school at UNH laid the foundation for my subsequent M.A. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation research.

    Kristine Bundschuh
    2018 Nordblom Fellow

  • Photo of Nikkilette Salley, Treat fellow

    To me, Treat and the members involved have given me a vice and the confidence to use it to educate those around me. To me, Treat has made me comfortable speaking on issues I believe in.

    Nikkilette Salley
    Treat fellow

  • Photo of Sarah Nadeau, MPP student.

    I really enjoyed the chance to promote greater access to public infrastructure for bicycling as it’s a healthy, environmentally friendly method of getting around.

    Sarah Nadeau '19, '20G
    Master of Public Policy student
    2019 Governor John G. Winant Fellowship with the Central New Hampshire Bike Coalition

  • Photo of Ian Lichtenstein, 2019 Winant Fellow

    The skills I have gathered through my time as a Winant fellow – which range from drafting professional proposals to leading Stop the Bleed courses – will be directly applicable to my career and my continuing work in the public health field.

    Ian Lichtenstein '19
    2019 Governor John G. Winant Fellowship with the McGregor Memorial EMS

  • Photo of Elana Zabar, Treat fellow

    Treat helped me grow as a leader and help me decide the career path I want to go on. Working with Treat has opened my eyes to problems I was previously unaware of and allowed me to help find solutions for them.

    Elana Zabar
    Treat fellow

  • Photo of Rossy Pichardo, 2019 Winant Fellow

    I learned that I am capable and that I am good at engaging with clients, problem-solving and being culturally sensitive.

    Rossy Pichardo
    2019 Governor John G. Winant Fellowship with the International Institute of New England

  • Photo of Libby Schwaner, 2020 Nordbloom Fellow at the Carsey School of Public Policy

    The Nordblom fellowship allowed me to design and execute my own research project and gave me the opportunity to explore an area I am passionate about outside of academic work. Being paired with an experienced faculty advisor throughout the project helped me develop skills and methods I would never have learned in the classroom.

    Libby Schwaner
    2020 Nordblom Fellow