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Sarah Dorner '14G

Sarah Dorner '14G

Current position: Associate Director of Admissions & International Outreach for the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law
Description of job responsibilities: Responsible for overseeing admissions for the law school's residential and online graduate law programs
Carsey Degree: Master in Public Administration

"At Carsey, each degree offers a unique approach. The connections you make, lessons learned, and practical approach to teaching are invaluable."

Can you share what your capstone and/or internship experience with the Carsey School was like?

My capstone was focused on laying the groundwork for the development of a student leadership program at UNH Manchester. I completed a literature review, examined best practices for student leadership development at like schools, interviewed staff, held student focus groups, and completed a review of the school's existing relevant courses and leadership opportunities. At the conclusion I presented recommendations for the school to assist in their efforts to develop a student leadership academy.

Can you describe your most valuable takeaway from your master's program?

It's hard to pick just one! I could relate nearly everything I learned to the direct service work I was doing at the time with a local nonprofit. I did an interview with Dan Bromberg about a year ago so perhaps there are some sound bites in there? But I will say that one of the highlights of the program was connecting with my classmates. I learned so much from their experiences.

Dan Bromberg, the Carsey School’s Director of Academic Programs, speaks with Master of Public Administration (MPA) graduate Sarah Dorner ‘14G about her experience earning the degree.

What are some career goals you have for yourself?

I feel like I am on a constantly evolving career journey. I enjoy my work at the law school but eventually see myself returning to nonprofit work in more of a leadership role rather than a direct service position.

What advice do you have for people considering a graduate degree from the Carsey School?

Do it! The connections you make, lessons learned, and practical approach to teaching are invaluable. Each degree offers a unique approach. The programs are flexible so you can go at a pace that fits for you. The curriculum also offers a good deal of flexibility in course offerings so you can tailor the program to your interests and career goals. You really can't go wrong!

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