Updating the New Hampshire Climate Action Plan

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Updating the New Hampshire Climate Action Plan: Calendar of Events

New Hampshire Listens is working on behalf of the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) to design and facilitate community engagement—an essential component of NH's Priority and Comprehensive Climate Action Plans (PCAP and CCAP).

These plans are part of the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They lead to implementation funding that will support community-engaged projects with an effort to focus on Justice40 investments among the sectors of air pollution and greenhouse gas reductions. If you have specific questions about the grant funding, reach out to the NHDES CPRG Team.

Find cross-sector shareholder meeting details below. 

We are holding three cross-sector shareholder gatherings where people working on greenhouse gas and air pollution reduction efforts, advocates, non-profits, regional and city/town planners, association leaders, etc. can talk together about priorities and projects that are essential elements of New Hampshire's PCAP (due March 1, 2024) and CCAP (due the following year). While we have compiled a list of people we feel may be interested in the effort from several sources, feel free to share this invitation with other people or organizations invested in this work who are focused on helping New Hampshire move forward. 

Cross-sector shareholder meeting dates, times, and zoom registration links are below. Please note that there are unique registration links for each date. You are welcome to share these with other shareholders working on air pollution and greenhouse gas reduction efforts or key partners in New Hampshire. 

Please join us by registering for the dates and times that work best for your schedule.

Thursday, November 30 | 2:30 PM–4 PM

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Thursday, January 11 | 3:30 PM–5 PM

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Thursday, February 8 | 3 PM–4:30 PM

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Meaningful community engagement, networking, and relationship building are key parts of the process—additional opportunities for community-based conversations both online and in-person are forthcoming. The NHDES and the New Hampshire Listens team will be reaching out to state agencies, regional planning commissions, and municipalities.

Join us for community-focused conversations—local people, local priorities, and local solutions!

Air pollution affects us all in our homes, at work, where we and our families learn, and where we play. The State of New Hampshire needs to hear from local community members interested in, and already working on, air pollution reductions! Your priorities could become funded projects. 

The goals of the NHDES CPRG program are to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions while supporting the creation of good jobs and lowering energy costs for families.
  • Empower community-driven solutions in neighborhoods overburdened by pollution and the impacts of climate change by directly seeking input from those communities. Under Justice40 guidance, the program's goal is to have 40% of overall benefits flow to these communities.
  • Deliver cleaner air by reducing harmful air pollution in places where people live, work, play, and go to school. 

For New Hampshire, we want to encourage people to join their neighbors, friends, family, colleagues, and partners who would like to name and move forward with the implementation of key priorities at the local level. This includes anything from building a cost-sharing program to increase weatherization efforts for low- to moderate-income people to developing a coalition of schools interested in buying into solar power for their buildings—real projects that can benefit some communities most in need of solutions:

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Electricity Generation and/or Use
  • Industry
  • Natural & Working Lands
  • Transportation
  • Wastewater
  • Wastewater & Materials Management


Join in a community conversation where we will learn and talk together about local priorities and possibilities. Between December 2023 and early February 2024, a series of community conversations will offer time for people to learn, listen, and talk with each other to help develop a priority climate action plan focused on air pollution reductions in New Hampshire. These conversations are focused on talking about local issues and potential solutions.

Register for any of the dates and times below for ONLINE community-focused conversations.

Wednesday, December 6 | 4:30 PM

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Tuesday, January 9 | 5 PM

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Wednesday, January 24 | 6:30 PM

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Register for any of the dates and times below for IN-PERSON community-focused conversations.

Tuesday, January 16 | 5:30 PM

Register for this session in Concord, NH. 

Details and registration links are forthcoming for IN-PERSON events in the following communities:


  • Berlin
  • Claremont, Charlestown
  • Colebrook, North Stratford
  • Groveton, Lancaster
  • Hampton Beach, Seabrook Beach
  • Hinsdale, Winchester, Ashuelot
  • Manchester
  • Nashua