NH Listens Network of Engaged Communities

NH Listens team running a group meeting.

Building, strengthening, and sustaining civic infrastructure in the Granite State takes many forms and many individuals. Across New Hampshire there are individuals serving as bridgedbuilders and connectors to deepen equity and engagement in their own community. NH Listens offers trainings, workshops, resources, and connections to community practitioners and volunteers who are interested in learning more and deepening their own facilitation practice for equity and engagement. 

Check out NH Listens Events & Trainings for scheduled online and in-person opportunities free or low-cost and available to the public. Facilitator training includes Facilitating for Public Engagement and Advanced Facilitator Training. NH Listens Local Lunch Box Series offers 45-minutes informative and interactive lunchtime sessions to share bite-sized tips and resources from NH Listens tookbox for community engagement and facilitation. NH Listens is proud to support a network of over 200 facilitators who have trained to serve in New Hampshire communities with skills and strategies for helping all voices to be heard. Sign up to join NH Listens Facilitator Network on the Working With Us page.

As a Group

Since its founding, NH Listens has built strong connections with key partners and groups to build, strengthen, and sustain civic infrastructure in the Granite State. Some communities find it valuable to create local coalitions, community topic workgroups such as helath and wellbeing, or Local Listens groups that build authentic relationships across their community and develop sustained capacity to address a wide range of community issues over time. Over the years many Local Listens groups organized to connect and engage their communities including, Dover Listens, Nashua Listens, Newmarket Common Ground, North Country Listens, Ossipee Listens, Portsmouth Listens, Rochester Listens, and others. If you and others are interested in supporting a more engaged and equitable community, check out the resources below for organizing as a group. 


The resources bank includes guides and tips to help inform your work to create a more equitable and engaged community. From hosting a community conversation, a local candidates event, or connecting with other civically minded people to organize a local coalition or Local Listens group, there are concrete ways to strengthen civic engagement and participation in your community. Contact NH Listens for more ways that we can support your work.