About the Partners

University of New Hampshire – Carsey School of Public Policy

The Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire is nationally recognized for its research, policy education, and civic engagement. The school takes on pressing public issues with unbiased, accessible, and rigorous research; builds the policy and political problem-solving skills of its students; and brings people together for thoughtful dialogue and practical problem-solving.

National Conference on Citizenship

The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is a congressionally chartered organization dedicated to strengthening civic life in America. We pursue our mission through a nationwide network of partners involved in a cutting-edge civic health initiative and our cross-sector conferences. At the core of our joint efforts is the belief that every person has the ability to help their community and country thrive.


Additional thanks to the following people for their hard work in pulling this index together:
Michele Holt-Shannon, Jess Carson, and Carrie Portrie of the Carsey School of Public Policy; Zachary Azem and Andrew Smith of the UNH Survey Center; Deborah Schachter of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation; and the NH Civic Health Advisory Council.

Civic Health Advisory Council

A Civic Health Advisory Council assisted with the initial framing and subsequent recommendations contained in the Civic Health Index. Members include: