Facilitator Network

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The work of public engagement relies on experienced, flexible facilitators. We support facilitators in our network with a focus on skills and strategies for helping all voices to be heard and connecting with other NH residents who are invested in proactive problem solving. We are proud to support a network of over 200 facilitators who have trained to serve in New Hampshire communities.

People who serve as facilitators for NH Listens follow a pathway from participation in an event, attending a training, to serving as a recorder, to co-facilitating a group and finally facilitating their own group. We provide feedback from participants after each event and share feedback with one another to continually improve our skills. NH Listens assigns trained facilitators based on experience, skill level, and project location. Anyone is welcome to become trained as a NH Listens facilitator.

Facilitator Network Registration

Registering in our facilitator database will help us reach out to you for opportunities for local and statewide projects. In the same way that we value a mix of perspectives in our participants, we also value a mix in our facilitator network. By registering with NH Listens, we will collect contact information and a few details about who you are. The information you provide will be used by NH Listens when we are seeking facilitators AND by the Local Listens organization of your choice. Our messages are limited and you can unsubscribe to this list at any time by contacting us at NH.Listens@unh.edu.

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