Campus Listeners

A photo of two NH Listens team members holding signs in front of Huddleston Hall at UNH Durham
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Training for the Campus Listeners program is sponsored by the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy; the UNH Office of Community, Equity, and Diversity; and the UNH Aulbani J. Beauregard Center for Equity, Freedom and Justice.

What are Campus Listeners?

Controversy can be upsetting and sometimes disturbing. Trained staff, faculty, and graduate students are invited to serve as a listening ear during contentious on-campus moments and events. Campus Listeners are deployed when needed to respond to individuals and facilitate conversations between students and community members to create greater levels of understanding and respectful communication. They do this by purposely engaging event participants informally by checking to see if someone is ok, listening as someone clarifies their own view, or offering to help people talk to each other.

Campus Listeners work in concert with UNH Police and Peacekeepers.

While Campus Listeners should be able to remain impartial in their support or opposition to ideas expressed by students and invited speakers, their core responsibility is to remain a little bit distanced from the center of a crowd and be available for conversations.

There is no formal time commitment beyond a two-hour training session. Campus Listeners will be contacted ahead of time when events are scheduled on campus and are asked to attend if they are available.

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