Equitable Greenhouse Gas Reduction Webinar Series

Over seven weeks, we will be making the case for how EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) can deliver equitable greenhouse gas reduction in low-income and disadvantaged communities (LI/DAC) through traditional lending lines of business in key market sectors.

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After the kickoff webinar, the following six weeks we will explore how to operationalize these fundamentals through specific traditional lending lines of business, sector by sector, starting with the residential sector on June 29 and concluding with the small business sector August 3. Each of the sector-focused webinars will feature an experienced lender, a community-based organization or policy advocate, and a key industry player such as a developer, installer, or technical advisor. Each conversation will be informed by the findings and recommendations in the equitable strategy guides developed through a "sprint" design lab process led by the Center for Impact Finance and the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), grounded in deep, hands-on expertise shared through focus groups of community development lenders and clean energy industry players.

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To access the equitable strategy guides, register for webinars in this series and check out CIF's webpage. Feedback welcome!

This webinar series has been developed by the Center for Impact Finance at the Carsey School of Public Policy, University of New Hampshire, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The work of the Center for Impact Finance is supported by Wells Fargo Foundation.