Graphic with solar panels, windmills, a house, and a city in the background.

There is no magic to LMI Community solar development. But if there was a “secret” ingredient, it would be perseverance. Developers must continually be problem solving, innovating, and trying alternatives until all the “no’s” turn into “yes.” Keep in mind that good developers are measured by whether they can close deals, but great developers are measured by whether they can build projects that perform as well as projected before installation. Only in operation do we truly know the quality of a project, when we can prove out that benefits are being delivered to funders and LMI communities as projected.

Although this workbook does not cover every topic, if you are able to closely follow the lessons included herein, you will have an excellent start at becoming a great developer and truly making an impact in your communities. As you continue on your journey, you will likely find the templates and resources in this workbook useful. When you are in need of guidance or inspiration, keep the link to this workbook handy and be sure to refer back to it from time to time.