Zoom Meeting Access Issues

How to Report a Lack of Access

Please email SchoolFunding.Commission@unh.edu or call 360-609-5824 to report issues with accessing Commission meetings

Commission Policy on Remote Meetings

a) Provides public access to the meeting by telephone, with additional access possibilities by video or other electronic means;

We can have up to 300 participants in Zoom, which is available via phone/tablet/computer.

b) Provides public notice of the necessary information for accessing the meeting;

Our meetings will appear on the House and Senate Calendars, as well as www.Carsey.unh.edu/school-funding.

c) Provides a mechanism for the public to alert the public body during the meeting if there are problems with access;

Public members can alert us via Zoom video, audio, or chat, or by emailing schoolfunding.commission@unh.edu

d) Adjourns the meeting if the public is unable to access the meeting.

If access issues arise, we can postpone.