Jobs by Industry in N.H. and U.S.

Jobs by Industry in N.H. and U.S.

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Industry Shares of Jobs in N.H. and U.S., 2018

  New Hampshire United States
Health care, etc. 14% 13%
Retail 14% 11%
Government 13% 15%
Manufacturing 10% 9%
Accomodations & food 9% 9%
Professional services 7% 8%
Wholesale & transportation 6% 8%
Administration services, etc. 5% 6%
Finance & insurance 4% 4%
Real estate 1% 2%
Other 17%


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Employment Statistics

About What is New Hampshire?

The Carsey School of Public Policy is pleased to welcome you to What is New Hampshire?What is New Hampshire? was originally an annual publication of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies. When CPPS, unfortunately, ceased operations in 2018, it handed off this publication to the Carsey School.

The purpose of What is New Hampshire? is to set a factual baseline of understanding as the state makes decisions about its future. It is not meant to prove any particular points, or to support any particular opinions regarding the choices to be made by the state’s governments, people or businesses. It is a set of facts and simple descriptive text describing where we are, where we have been, and what challenges we may face based on our analysis. It is our hope that by starting from a common factual premise, discussion in the state will be elevated and the decisions will be made on the basis of a deeper understanding of the underlying facts.