Community Investments

With MCD Student Jess Torres
MCD Student Jess Torres

"I am interested in making community investments that are not about individual wealth-building but visioning reparations in the form of food and land for queer, trans, intersex, black, and indigenous individuals."

      ~(MCD) Student Jess Torres  Long Beach, CA

Position: Survivor Leadership Program Coordinator, Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST), in Los Angeles, CA. 2019 Women’s Policy Institute Fellow and serve as a keynote speaker, trainer and presenter for various efforts throughout LA county. I am also an independent consultant with various Federal agencies (FBI, DOS-JTIP, DHS, HUD, HHS, DOT) and participate in a variety of national conferences and symposiums, including work with Freedom Network, UN Delta 8.7, and The Human Trafficking Institute.
Education: Bachelor's in Social Science and Humanities '13
Why are you pursuing a degree in Community Development? I am pursing my degree so that I can learn more about cooperative economics.