With MPP Alum Zoe Dawson
"I am hopeful that getting my MPP will enhance my future goals of keeping harmful policies out of law."       ~(MPP) Alum Zoe Dawson — Moultonborough, NH
With MPA Student Sarah Tremblay
"I am eager to explore an opportunity to expand my knowledge and further hone my skills by enrolling in UNH’s MPA program."       ~(MPA) Student Sarah Tremblay — Dover, NH
With MPA Alum Sharon Tarleton
"My vision encompasses more diversity in organizational leadership throughout the state of New Hampshire as well as less duplication of services."       ~(MPA) Alum Sharon Tarleton — Somersworth, NH
With MPA Student Elizabeth Spaeth
"A degree from the Carsey School will provide me with a different perspective in a way that I feel better suits my career current objectives and interests."       ~(MPA) Student Elizabeth Spaeth — Newton, NH
With MPA Student Stephen Salter
"I am participating in the MPA program to advance my lifelong endeavor to achieve socioeconomic justice."       ~(MPA) Student Stephen Salter — Poland
With MPA Student Leanne Ryder
"I am eager for the opportunity to learn and grow with like-minded individuals equally dedicated to careers in public service."       ~(MPA) Student Leanne Ryder— Washington, DC
With MPA Alum Emma Paciulli
"I am pursuing an MPA as establishing the foundation for professional advancement in the public sector is a crucial next step in my career."       ~(MPA) Alum Emma Paciulli — Portsmouth, NH
With MPA Student Janina Kruzel
"I believe that the Carsey School MPA program will be the right stepping stone into merging my undergraduate degree with my real-life experience in the non-profit world."       ~(MPA) Student Janina Kruzel — Springfield, MA
With MPA Student Audrey Goudie
"I am passionate about non-profit work, especially in areas of workforce and economic development and community/public health."       ~(MPA) Student Audrey Goudie — Brisol, NH
With MPA Alum Jessica Gifford
"I hope that the Carsey School MPA program will provide me with greater skills to continue my career in social development and the public sector."       ~(MPA) Alum Jessica Gifford— Quito, Ecuador
With MPA Student Kellie Cunningham
"I plan to use the knowledge I learn through the MPA program to develop a nonprofit that helps to build confident, civically knowledgeable, and engaged citizens."       ~(MPA) Student Kellie Cunningham — Orange, CA
With MPA Alum Connor Cryans
"I hope to develop real-life professional skills that will launch me into community work as I strive to be a community leader."       ~(MPA) Alum Connor Cryans — Hanover, NH