With MCD Student Brandon Jones
"I plan to lead community relations nationally and globally with concentrated efforts on lessening the wealth gap in communities of color."       ~(MCD) Student Brandon Jones — Dallas, TX
With MCD Student Victor Balaguer Datiz
"I believe that pursuing a masters-level education in community development at the Carsey School of Public Policy would allow me to successfully scale my work from something that is a local disaster recovery model to one that can affect a greater number of Puerto Ricans."       ~(MCD) Student...
With MCD Student Sofia Ashooh
"I hope to use this opportunity to delve into how I can more effectively drive budget decisions that will help organizations and the communities"       ~(MCD) Student Sofia Ashooh — Amherst, NH
With MPP Alum Dakotah Thunder Wilson
"I believe an MPP will equip me to advise on and perhaps eventually create more sensible healthcare policies in New Hampshire and the United States."       ~(MPP) Alum Dakotah Thunder Wilson — Dover, NH
With MPP Alum Kacie Snyder
My experience as an MPP student has given me hope that a brighter future is possible, so long as we approach policy issues with tact and empathy. I've gained exposure to varying worldviews of policy experts, students, and professors, which has shaped my understanding of the world at large. I'm...
With MPP Student Justus Schriedel
"I realized I loved social justice work so much that I wanted to make it my career, and that realization inspired me to join the MPP program!"       ~(MPP) Student Justus Schriedel — Portsmouth, NH
With MPP Student Carly Prescott
"After my time working for Senator Jeanne Shaheen, I discovered a passion for New Hampshire social issues including our public education system."       ~(MPP) Student Carly Prescott — Elkins, NH
With MPP Alum Zachary Phillips
"I wish to create an environment where our veterans are honored, respected, and taken care of by the country and her citizens."       ~(MPP) Alum Zachary Phillips — Concord, NH
With MPP Student Stephanie McNally
"I believe an MPP would provide me the tools to work within policy approaches that better consider the diversity of the population they serve."       ~(MPP) Student Stephanie McNally — Bethesda, MD
With MPP Student Tricia Foster
"Working in renewable resources is important to me because it's the future - there's no way to move forward without sustainable policy. And sustainable policy must include the three E's of sustainability: Equity, Environmental impact, and Economic opportunities. If we aren't considering these three...
Active first responder personnel, including sworn police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians, qualify for this $5,000 education award towards their degree at Carsey. Apply towards the MPA, MPP, or MCD degrees.
With MPP Alum Zoe Dawson
"I am hopeful that getting my MPP will enhance my future goals of keeping harmful policies out of law."       ~(MPP) Alum Zoe Dawson — Moultonborough, NH