with MCD student Myriam Narcisse
"I am committed to the empowerment, safety, health, and well-being of adolescent girls and their communities"       ~(MCD) Student Myriam Narcisse — Miami, FL  
with MCD student Rebecca Waugh
"Growing up in relatively rural New Hampshire, I've always wanted to be able to play an impactful role in the community where I live"       ~(MCD) Student Rebecca Waugh — New Hampshire
with MCD student Madison Baranoski
"By gaining an M.A. in Community Development and Policy, I will how to dream bigger. I will know how to make it real"       ~(MCD) Student Madison Baranoski — North Conway, NH
with MCD student Chase Eagleson
"My desire is to continue to act as a researcher, gaining knowledge and understanding into papers and projects focused around the study of socioeconomic analysis as well as sustainable and equitable economics"       ~(MCD) Student Chase Eagleson — Hampton, New Hampshire
with MCD student Bienfiat Polepole
"I would like to help develop a host home project for refugees here in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire or perhaps statewide"       ~(MCD) Student Bienfiat Polepole — Rochester, NH
with MCD student Caitlyn Fulton
"I am excited to apply to the Master's in Community Development program through the Carsey School at UNH. I believe my entrance into the program is a natural next step for my career development in the field of disability advocacy and justice work. I also believe my unique experiences and...
with MPP student Av Harris
"The faculty, the staff, everyone here is super supportive and accomadating, and that's an important factor."
with MCD student-athlete Nazim Derry
"I grew up in a really bad neighborhood where, you know, you see your friends go down the wrong path. You see many people with talents–just wasted. And it's not their fault, they have no guidance. I just want to help the kids who really want the best for themselves in my community. Give them the...
Year: Junior Major: Sociology Campus Involvement: Connect, Black Student Union, Astrology Club, American Sign...
Year: Junior Major: Business Administration & Management Campus Involvement: McNair Scholar, MOSAICO, ...
Year: Senior Major: Psychology Major, Education Minor Campus Involvement: UNH Stop the Stigma, Girl Up, Wildcattessen Student Supervisor
Year: Sophomore Major: Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies Campus Involvement: NH Youth Movement, Astrology Club, UNH for Warren, and the Red Shoe Club