with MPA student Sarah Tremblay
"II understand the importance of coaching and collaborating wiht staff and colleagues to create an effective, thriving team that is results driven."       ~(MPA) Student Sarah Tremblay — Dover, NH
with MPA student Abigail Salomon
"Meeting with representatives from all over the state sparked my interest in doing more and seeing what other opportunities there could be for me to assist our community."       ~(MPA) Student Abigail Salomon — VT
with MPA student Leanne Ryder
"My long-term career objective is to become more effective at partnership and network management, to strengthen my program evaluation skills, and to learn to manage internal teams and operations for greater impact."       ~(MPA) Student Leanne Ryder — CT
with MPA student Adam Lavoie
"I decided that I wanted to do something with my life that would help humanity, and produce a "net positive" in the world."       ~(MPA) Student Adam Lavoie — Somersworth, NH
with MPA student Kim Kleiner
"We were taught very young to participate and give back to our community, from small contributions to large."       ~(MPA) Student Kim Kliener — Nashua, NH
with MPA student Shawnna Bowman
"I hope to clarify the blurred lines of policy, illuminate the obstacles faced by both the disability community and policy administrators, and find more effective ways of incorporating community members with disabilities into society."       ~(MPA) Student Shawnna Bowman — Webster, NH
with MPA student Shara Guzelian
"I am interested in learning ways to engage with the community and make an impact."       ~(MPA) Student Shara Guzelian — Gorham, ME
with MPA student Shane Wells
"I would like to capitalize on my knowledge and get my Master's of Public Administration."       ~(MPA) Student Shane Wells — Northwood, NH
with MPA student Ryan Straight
"I want to expand my leadership capabilities to increase my executive level administration acumen to allow me to grow into a role model within the government."       ~(MPA) Student Ryan Straight — South Hero, VT
with MPA student Nicholas Crosby
"I am wanting to go back to school to further pursue a career in the public service sector and utilize my obtained skills and couple that with what I would learn in the MPA program to eventually maximize my passion to help out the community."       ~(MPA) Student Nicholas Crosby — Rumney, NH
with MPA student Michelle Martinson
"It fills my bucket when I can help to improve efficiencies, implement new solutions, and manage change."       ~(MPA) Student Michelle Martinson — Lee, NH
with MPA student Matthew Harris
"I would like to help strengthen the bonds between high schools, public colleges, and industry partners in the private sector."       ~(MPA) Student Matthew Harris — Marrimack, NH