With Accelerated MPP Alum Meriah Metzger
"Having the experiences associated with the Accelerated Masters in Public Policy program has been really helpful in learning more about what I am interested in and how to best apply my skillset. "       ~(Accelerated MPP) Alum Meriah Metzger  — Shelburne, VT
With MPP Student Christina Dubin
" I've become hooked on policy and am really excited to start this program and a new career path!"       ~(MPP) Student Christina Dubin — Portsmouth, NH
Wiith Alum Faith Thompson '21G (MPP)
Education: I did my undergrad at UNH and I was a dual major in History and Justice Studies with minors in Sociology and Forensics. Why did you decide to pursue a Masters in Public Policy? I was originally interested in law school with the intention of going into immigration law but after performing...
With MPA Student Juliet Webber
"I am passionate about education, and finding ways to make lifelong learning accessible for all and I hope to integrate these areas throughout my MPA studies."       ~(MPA) Student Juliet Webber — East Kingston, NH
With MPA Alumni Jennifer Salazar
"I want to be someone that works with people but more importantly, I want to help people. "       ~(MPA) Alumni Jennifer Salazar — Manchester, NH
With MPA Alumni Jeanne Walker
"It has been some time since I was in school and quite a bit has changed but I am up for this challenge. It promises to be quite a ride."       ~(MPA) Alumni Jeanne Walker — Nashua, NH
With MPA Alum Aislinn Forbes
"I am passionate about education equity and income inequality! I decided to join the MPA program to learn how to be a more effective organizer and manager. "       ~(MPA) Alum Aislinn Forbes — Auburn, NH
With Alum Yyokkia Lawson '21G (MCD)
"The MCD Program gave me the words I needed to describe my experiences in community development. It also let me do a deep dive into topics which are relevant to my community and the work I am doing within my organization."       ~(MCD) Alum Yyokkia Lawson '21G — Athens, GA
With Alum Amanda Landry '21G (MCD)
"I have a passion for food system work and economic development."       ~(MCD) Alum Amanda Landry — Shoreham, VT
With Alum Austin Vasko '21G (MCD)
"Though community development covers many broad sectors, it is ultimately about creating opportunities and accelerating progress in a way that allows all community stakeholders to have the chance to benefit in a meaningful and lasting way."       ~(MCD) Alum Austin Vasko — Philadelphia, PA
With Alum Kristen Van Bergen-Buteau '21G (MCD)
"The level of applied science is fantastic, and I am already using things I've learned in my work and volunteer efforts."       ~(MCD) Alum Kristen Van Bergen-Buteau — Lancaster, NH Position: Program Manager, Rural Health Network, Coos and Northern Grafton Counties, NH Education: Bachelor's in...
With Alum Christina Scenna '21G (MCD)
"I am confident that the Master in Community Development Policy and Practice will bring me closer to achieving excellence when it comes to having to identify problems, create action plans, and evaluate progress."       ~(MCD) Alum Christina Scenna — Exeter, NH