With MPA Student Owen Cororan
"Joining my career experience with the knowledge and skills I’ll acquire in this degree program will truly set me up for success in a new career in public administration."       ~(MPA) Student Owen Cororan — Amesbury, MA
With MPA Student Adam Clark
"I am convinced that the Masters in Public Administration at the Carsey School will help me better myself and my organization. "       ~(MPA) Student Adam Clark — Barrington, NH
With MPA Student Tom Case
"I strive to become the best public service professional that I can be."       ~(MPA) Student Tom Case — Manchester, NH
With MCD Student Jacqueline Walker
"I'm looking forward to learning more about how to make lasting and sustainable change for a world that is more equitable for all."       ~(MCD) Student Jacqueline Walker — Dover, NH
With MCD Student Ethan Pope
"It's been my dreams, goals, and visions to involve myself with something that would grant me more enhanced opportunities for making a difference in the lives of individuals and people, one household at a time"       ~(MCD) Student Ethan Pope — Chattanooga, TN
Community and Economic Development Program Leader
"I am inspired by selfless leadership by individuals who do not covet attention, but simply want to make positive change."       ~Charlie French
"No matter where life leads you, take the time to make a positive contribution to society."       ~ Terry Knowles
"Genuine, empathetic and passionate people inspire my work."       ~Jolan Rivera
Senior Research Fellow
"I am lucky enough to work with inspirational leaders in community development every day."       ~Eric Hangen
"I love helping people and organizations become more effective in fulfilling their own vision and mission in life."       ~Paul Dann
NH Listens Director
"I am inspired by everyday heros doing great things right where they live."       ~Michele Holt-Shannon
"I will leave this world in a better place than I found it."       ~Reagan Baughman