NH Listens Fellow of the Month Spotlight

"In my work with NH Listens and my consulting business, I want to contribute and help in those processes to have people's voices heard and contribute to shaping a better, more inclusive New Hampshire for the future."       ~ Courtney Wrigley
"What excites me most about Makers Mill is not that it will be a place where people can make widgets, fix things, or learn how to use a table saw. Those things will be fun and wonderful, yes. But the real impact of a space like this is from creating experiences where people with different beliefs...
"I became a teacher to be the adult I needed as a West side kid, a Korean-American, as a ‘raised as a French-Canadian,’ as the only person of color in nearly every class, as a kid who never had a teacher of color..."       ~ Tina Kim Philibotte, Chief Equity Officer, Manchester School District