Students, MPA Program Spotlight

with MPA student Joshua Birmingham
"I have dedicated my loife and career to public service and I believe the online Executive MPA program at UNH will help me become a better leader, teach me invaluable managerial skills, and help me take my career to the next level."       ~(MPA) Student Joshua Birmingham — Williston, VT
with MPA student Jake Roger
"All of the behind-the-scenes work in my operations foreman role is preparing me for a higher level role within the organization as it is advancing my knowledge and experience about the role my career plays in our community."       ~(MPA) Student Jake Roger — Barrington, NH
with MPA student Hannah Majewski
"My personal passions lean more toward public service and helping others."       ~(MPA) Student Hannah Majewski — Barrington, NH
with MPA student Francis Weeks
"I see the MPA program as an opportunity to improve my existing knowledge and skills, in order to increase my effectiveness as a leader, and continue to be an agent within the UNH Police Department."       ~(MPA) Student Francis Weeks — Brentwood, NH
with MPA student Ember Ludwig
"The Master of Public Administration offererd by the Carsey School will help me get to the next stage of my life and career."       ~(MPA) Student Ember Ludwig — Plymouth, NH
with MPA student Andrew Shriver
"My pursuit of a graduate degree in public administration is predicated on gaining more skills and knowledge in order to be creative and dynamic agent to create more effective and efficient local and state government."       ~(MPA) Student Andrew Shriver — Exeter, NH
With MPA Student Janina Kruzel
"I believe that the Carsey School MPA program will be the right stepping stone into merging my undergraduate degree with my real-life experience in the non-profit world."       ~(MPA) Student Janina Kruzel — Springfield, MA
With MPA Student Audrey Goudie
"I am passionate about non-profit work, especially in areas of workforce and economic development and community/public health."       ~(MPA) Student Audrey Goudie — Brisol, NH
With MPA Student Kellie Cunningham
"I plan to use the knowledge I learn through the MPA program to develop a nonprofit that helps to build confident, civically knowledgeable, and engaged citizens."       ~(MPA) Student Kellie Cunningham — Orange, CA
With MPA Student Owen Cororan
"Joining my career experience with the knowledge and skills I’ll acquire in this degree program will truly set me up for success in a new career in public administration."       ~(MPA) Student Owen Cororan — Amesbury, MA
With MPA Student Adam Clark
"I am convinced that the Masters in Public Administration at the Carsey School will help me better myself and my organization. "       ~(MPA) Student Adam Clark — Barrington, NH
With MPA Student Juliet Webber
"I am passionate about education, and finding ways to make lifelong learning accessible for all and I hope to integrate these areas throughout my MPA studies."       ~(MPA) Student Juliet Webber — East Kingston, NH